Extravagant colors combined with wood

23 of May '22

How to combine wood, shades of gray and ferias of extravagant colors? The {tag:pracownie} studio project is the answer to this question. In a huge space, interior architects mix and create a new color scheme.



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"Ivory" is the project of interior architecture studio {tag:pracownie}. This unique arrangement is an interesting way to combine a large space with bright colors and grays.

Dining room, island and kitchen

The eye-catching element is two lamps composed of round tubes pointing downwards. The heart is a wooden table resting on two massive legs. The furnishings in this part of the apartment are primarily wood. On the ground, a bright carpet in blue and yellow colors was decided.


dining room

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The kitchens are separated from the dining room by a long, white kitchen island made of marble slabs. Above this table, which creates internal boundaries, a long, simple lamp was chosen. The island can serve as an additional place while cooking or eating a meal, as well as a bar.

wyspa kuchenna

kitchen island

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The kitchen cabinetry was limited to the lower part only. Here it was decided to use simple wooden fronts, which also covered the pantry and household appliances. Another element is a small slab above the built-in, mimicking the colors of colorful rocks.

jadalnia, wyspa kuchenna i kuchnia

The dining room, kitchen island and kitchen

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mosaic living room

The heart of the house is the open, large living room. The carpet - filled with bright mosaics in colors of magenta, turquoise and yellow - catches the attention. The corner sofa is divided into two sections. Together with a white coffee table, it contrasts with colorful pillows and poufs, which are closer to the aesthetics of the carpet.


living room

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relaxation space

Right next to the living room, a relaxation space was decided. In addition to the wooden bookshelves, a unique piece of furniture was decided to sit on the floor, relaxing by drinking tea and reading books. The piece of furniture replicates the same colors as the familiar rug located in the living room.

pokój relaksu

relaxation room

© Byersokół Team

simple bedroom

The bedroom space is mainly dominated by gray carpeting with delicate patterns, white and gray bedding, bed and small armchairs, as well as wooden walls partly composed of semi-transparent slats. It's a calm, gentle space that allows you to relax and rest. Attention is drawn to the lamps - simple bulb shapes.



© Bajersokół Team

dressing room full of splendor

A space full of almost pompous character is the dressing room. Wooden built-ins on all sides allow you to store thousands of clothes and shoes. In the middle, it was decided to have a special cabinet for jewelry, draped with marble slabs. You can also sit here, on colorful poufs placed right next to it. Just behind the wall there was room for a private toilet.


dressing room

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fantasy, or a child's room

The room intended for a child is different from other interiors. There are a lot of pastel colors here, such as yellow, pink and marine. A tropical wallpaper with a paradise island was decided on the wall. The room is illuminated by a cloud-shaped lamp. The bed resembles the skeleton of a house, allowing it to be isolated from the rest of the room.

pokój dziecka

child's room

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developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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