Apartment with grays and blues

31 of May '22

A one-story house with an unusual shape resembling the letter Y has seen a unique arrangement created by Esther and Robert Sosnowski of Studio Projekt.


Toilet -

Photo: Fotomohito, © Studio Projekt

The owners were primarily concerned with a calm, subdued color scheme. They decided primarily on various shades of gray. The designers managed to persuade the clients to introduce blue.

comfortable cooking - kitchen

The kitchen space is comfortable and created for cooking. The king here is mainly white, black and wood color. The cabinets are white lacquered surfaces with black surrounds. The countertop is a black compact board. This choice allowed the color scheme to match the large black refrigerator.


Kitchen -

Photo: Fotomohito, © Studio Projekt

The tranquility of the living room and the dining room next door

In the lounge area arranged primarily a place where the whole family meets. A delicate, large-format wall graphic with a simple geometric pattern is visible on the wall. In this context, small hex tiles have been incorporated.


The hallway -

Photo: Fotomohito, © Studio Projekt

Next to the living room, the dining room was located. It's a simple space with a long wooden table top and black chairs. Above all, a painting by Lukasz Stokowski catches the eye on the wall. The lights evoke a black spider web with small lamps in the form of black cylinders.


Living room -.

photo by Fotomohito, © Studio Projekt

simple study

A simple study has been located in the house, where you'll find a small gray sofa, a nautical-themed wallpaper and a wooden countertop to work at. The minimalist design of this space allows for quiet work.


Cabinet -.

photo by Fotomohito, © Studio Projekt

black colors of the bedroom

In the sleeping space you will find classic gray, white and beige. The dominant color here is a black wall with a geometric motif reminiscent of a crystal structure.


Bedroom -.

Photo: Fotomohito, © Studio Projekt

children's room

A unique space is the child's room, which is dominated primarily by the color blue. Above all, the attention is drawn to the lamps, in the shape of inflated balloons. There is no room for mottled colors in this space. It is a calm and subdued space.

Pokój dziecka

Children's room -.

Photo by Fotomohito, © Studio Projekt

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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