Energy-saving convenience. Solar powered blinds

17 of February '23

Electric solar-powered Roman blind s provide the convenience of a motorized window cover, but their operation is free. This is because they react to light and help retain heat inside, which has a positive effect on heating costs.

Rolety pozwalają oszczędzić na ogrzewaniu

Roller shutters allow you to save on heating

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Electric roller blinds

Powered by clean renewable energy from the sun, Roman blinds reduce a home's carbon footprint. They can also be sewn from fabrics created from recycled plastic bottles. But it's impossible to tell by looking at the soft fabrics, which range from delicate and semi-transparent to thick and fleshy. Thanks to remote control, they can be used to cover large-format glazing or windows placed in a hard-to-reach place. Electric operation of the mechanism will also be appreciated by seniors and all people with impaired motor skills, regardless of age.

Rolety powstają z ekologicznych materiałów

Roller blinds are made of eco-friendly materials

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Ecological solution

Although the blinds are controlled electrically, there is no expense involved, precisely because they are powered by solar energy. At the same time, these blinds can be used to optimize home heating. When the windows are uncovered in the middle of the day, the sun's rays warm up the interior. However, when darkness falls, they need to be closed so that they reduce the escape of heat from the room.

Rolety zasilane są energią słoneczną

The blinds are powered by solar energy

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Intuitive installation

Another advantage of such a solution is easy installation. Due to the fact that, unlike electric models powered by a wire - no special connection is needed here, the installation of these devices is fast, simple and cheap. To set them up it is unnecessary to renovate, so they are ideal for people renting an apartment or planning to move. However, pay attention to the roller shutter drive. It must be made solidly, so that the device can serve for years.

Rolety zasilane energią elektryczną łatwo zamontować

Roller shutters powered by electricity are easy to install

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