Idyllic farmhouse of youtuber couple

06 of September '23
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  1. Jakub and David youtubers. They became famous with a music video for a song by the band Roxette.
  2. The couple decided to sell their Warsaw apartment and move to the countryside.
  3. The three cottages in Smoldzinski Las were designed by Machoń architectural studio.
  4. The buildings were created in the modern farmhouse style.
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A few years ago, Jakub and Dawid sold their apartment, left Warsaw and settled in a seaside village with one dream - to build their own resort by the sea.

Back to nature

One amateur video recorded on the beach and the recognition of the legendary duo Roxette made Jakub and Dawid public figures overnight. The video appealed to the Swedish duo so much that the band shared it to the whole world. The gay couple from Poland went on to gain worldwide fame, and their subsequent videos won praise from Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Beata Kozidrak. The millions of views of videos, media interviews and growing fan base should have been gratifying, but in their case it was the opposite.

- More and more, we wanted to escape the hype. It was then that we began to appreciate the beauty of nature and let ourselves be carried away by its soothing influence. This made us reevaluate our world and appreciate what is most important in life. With time, we wanted to stay in such an environment permanently and build a place where others can also slow down with impunity. A place where leisure has a deeper meaning - recalls Dawid.

Jakub i Dawid postanowili przenieść się z Warszawy na kaszubską wieś

Jakub and Dawid decided to move from Warsaw to the Kashubian countryside

© Słowińskie Tarasy

Their own asylum

Thus, in Smołdziński Forest in the very buffer zone of the Słowiński Park Narodowy, three stylish houses were built, which combine modernity with tradition and fit perfectly into the idyllic landscape. These picturesque areas, located between two large lakes Łebsko and Gardno, lie far from typical tourist routes. The National Park set aside in these areas has allowed the beauty of the local nature to be preserved almost in pristine condition.

- For years we have been coming here to recharge our batteries, and the plot of land we chose stole our hearts from the first glance. As soon as we saw the forest and scrubland up to our waist, we knew immediately that this was it. It couldn't have been any wilder! And we found it hard to believe that such untamed terrain could be in a seaside town. Later, we had to persuade the owner to sell it for a year. He agreed only when we showed him our project - says Jakub.

Para wymarzyła sobie dom w otoczeniu natury

The couple dreamed of a house surrounded by nature

© Słowinskie Tarasy

From the mountains, to the sea

The design fits perfectly into the surroundings and alludes to the local architecture with subtlety.

- We avoided modular houses and traditional construction by a wide margin, because we are not people who take shortcuts. Even then, we knew that there had to be a lot of brick, as it is a material that is freely found in Kashubian architecture. Even the local red shed by the beach is a great example that brick is rules in Pomerania - continues Dawid.

Jakub and Dawid chose Machoń Architekci studio from Sucha Beskidzka to work on the project.

- We laughed that for houses by the sea we go to the mountains, but we were delighted with their designs. The originality of the masses, great weaving of traditional inspirations into modern forms and lots of glazing - these were the features that caught our attention. After the first conversation we were determined, so we put our dreams and visions in their hands. This is how the design of our houses was created - says Dawid.

Elewacja domków składa się z cegły i modrzewia

The facade of the houses consists of brick and larch

© Słowińskie Tarasy

The couple opted for the currently fashionable solid of a modern barn. However, the facade was created from larch and bricks. Large glazings on one side of the houses perfectly illuminate the interior. They also give an uninterrupted opportunity to observe the magnificent nature outside the window. The interior features comfortable two bedrooms upstairs and a living room with a bathroom downstairs. The master bedroom with panoramic glass is a guarantee of a successful morning, and at night it serves a wonderful star show.

- We sincerely believe in creating an uncompromising place. Modern, but with respect for tradition. Surrounded by a forest all around, it is ideal for true relaxation. We - as owners and hosts - are bursting with pride, and we invite everyone to get to know our Słowińskie Tarasy - the couple says unanimously.

Kompleks składa się z trzech domków

The complex consists of three cottages

© Słowińskie Tarasy

Three varieties of natural luxury

All three houses are located on a half-acre plot, surrounded by towering birch trees and set away from each other to give residents a sense of privacy and intimacy. Although identical in mass and room layout, they differ in facade colors and interior design. Dawid is an unfulfilled architect and was eager to indulge in design variations.

- We opted for a modern farmhouse style. The old-fashion furniture perfectly arranges the interiors. It is luxurious, but at the same time cozy. We also have a lot of references to the rural location - the youtuber describes.

W łazience wykorzystano hiszpańskie płytki mozaikowe w kształcie łuski

The bathroom uses Spanish mosaic tiles in the shape of a scale

© Słowińskie Tarasy

The first house is called Jasmund. Its name comes from the famous white cliffs on the island of Rügen. Therefore, shades of white and blue reign in it. The rustic oak floors have been painted white, and blue tiles have been laid in the kitchen and bathroom. There are also stylish kitchen cabinets and a sideboard with muntins.

Dom Jasmund został urządzony w odcieniach bieli i niebieskiego

The Jasmund house was decorated in shades of white and blue

© Słowińskie Tarasy

The second house is a kingdom of wood. On the floor you will find rustic oak, the dining room was designed in shades of wood, and blue was added for contrast. The bathroom is distinguished by the use of Spanish scalloped mosaic tiles. Complemented with marble ones and wood-like flooring, it makes an incredible impression. The sink cabinet was made from old pallets, and its unobtrusive shape gives the room a rustic style. This house is named Arkona due to the fact that the shade of red brick resembles the two lighthouses on Cape Arkona in Rügen.

Duże przeszklenia w sypialni zapewniają piękny widok na otaczającą naturę

Large glass windows in the bedroom provide a beautiful view of the surrounding nature

© Słowińskie Tarasy

The third house was decorated in a sophisticated, smoky and very elegant style. Brown waxed oak on the floor, a dark navy blue kitchen and a copper sofa shape the atmosphere of this interior. In the bathroom, the blue Spanish mosaic tiles were paired this time with graphite tiles. This house, the farthest removed from the other two, is named Hiddensee just like the tiny island in the Rügen region.

W domku Hiddensee znajdziemy miedzianą sofę

In the Hiddensee house you will find, among other things, a copper sofa

© Słowińskie Tarasy

Travel inspiration

Why Rügen?

- The idea for the houses was born in Rügen during one of our trips. By naming the houses, we wanted to leave a trace of inspiration from that trip. They symbolize the source of their origin, which immediately appealed to us - Dawid reveals.

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