Convenient and aesthetically pleasing bathroom faucet

28 of July '22

Today we have a very wide selection of bathroom faucets. A variety of models are designed with different interior styles in mind. When choosing a product, it is important to ensure a consistent aesthetic. When choosing a sink, bathtub or shower faucet, they should belong to the same stylistic line.

Bateria łazienkowaBateria łazienkowa

Faucets with a minimalist spout design

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Convenience of use and aesthetics

A bathroom faucet should be functional. It is about its quality, convenience of use, as well as its appearance. Silver faucets used to be the most popular, while today the choice of colors is almost unlimited.

When deciding on a purchase, we must first of all take into account their subsequent use. The type of bathroom equipment is related to the method of installation, so it is important to determine the type of fittings and installation details before buying bathroom faucets. Bathroom faucets should be properly adapted to the size of the sink or bathtub, so that they are as practical as possible for us.

For washbasins and bidets, the most common choice is for stub faucets, that is, standing faucets mounted in holes in the fixture. These can be single-hole or even five-hole faucets. Such are mainly installed in bathtubs.

An exclusive version, used most often in spacious bath rooms, are taps mounted in the floor, near the free-standing bathtub.

Faucets with a variety of functions are also available , for example, touchless, thermostatic or pressureless faucets used with instantaneous water heaters.

Bateria łazienkowa Bateria łazienkowa

Retro-style bathroom faucet mounted in the floor

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Angular or rounded forms?

Among the models offered, you will find both simple faucets with angular forms, suitable for a minimalist style, as well as rounded, or slightly more ornate ones.

Models that refer to the design of the late 19th and early 20th centuries are also very common. Cross handles or three-hole faucets in the classic style are solutions that will be most suitable for retro-style interiors.

Bateria łazienkowa Bateria łazienkowa

Bathroom faucet by the bathtub and sink

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Aesthetics at the installation stage

The shower area usually uses wall-mounted faucets, which can be flush-mounted or flush-mounted. The latter are an extremely elegant version, as only the handles for regulating the water flow and the hose with the handset hanging from a rod are visible. Such elements are also easy to keep clean.

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