Feminine interior in pastel colors

13 of February '24
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  1. The authors of the project are Hanna Pietras and Aleksandra Pluta.
  2. The arrangement is dominated by pastel colors, mainly pink and blue.
  3. Circular forms of furnishings add lightness.
  4. The living area includes a lockable workspace.
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Pastel colors, round forms and natural materials. This is how the interior designed by Hanna Pietras Architects looks like.

W aranżacji dominuje połączenie różu i błękitu

The arrangement is dominated by a combination of pink and blue

Photo and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

New stage

The 67 sqm apartment was designed for a woman who decided to enjoy her retirement and live in the city. Hanna Pietras and Aleksandra Pluta were tasked with designing a spacious hall, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room, which obligatorily had to include a place to work. Despite her retirement, the owner still is professionally active. Neither the investor nor the architects imagined a subdued interior in shades of brown. Here color was important from the beginning.

Inwestorce zależało na miejscu do pracy Miejsce do pracy można ukryć za pomocą przesuwnych drzwi

The workspace can be hidden with sliding doors

Photo and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

- Very often we meet with clients in their home space to see what they do and don't like, to get a sneak peek at how they live. A lot of people think that moving to a new apartment will change them, too, but still, it doesn't always look that way. As a rule, people have a lot of habits that are hard to fight and a waste of time. My role as an architect is to shape the new space of the house in such a way that it naturally forces certain behaviors while respecting habits - says Hanna Pietras.

Wnętrze wypełnione jest książkami, kwiatkami i bibelotami

The interior is filled with books, flowers and trinkets

Photo and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

Individual flair

The arrangement is colorful and eclectic. The interior combines a variety of materials, textures, colors and styles. A combination of pastel blue and pink play a key role here. These colors introduce freshness and perfectly harmonize with vintage elements. These colors also provide a great background for many accessories. Souvenirs, graphics, flowers and books are elements that add individuality to the interior and show the character of the owner. Round forms add lightness. They work especially well in small spaces, visually enlarging them.

- The most beautiful thing about them is that they add character and an eclectic flare - says Hanna Pietras.

W aranżacji łazienki wykorzystano kobalt Strefa nad umywalką została wyłożona płytkami z kwiatowym wzorem

Cobalt was used in the arrangement of the bathroom

Photo and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

An unusual solution

The entire interior is extremely warm and elegant, thanks to the materials used: oak veneer, quartz sintering on the countertops and wall in the kitchen and oak parquet flooring. An extremely decorative addition is the structured wallpaper. Also worth noting is the kitchen island, or more precisely, its highly original leg.

We wnętrzu znajduje się także duży jadalniany stół

The interior also features a large dining table

Photo and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

- This was a flash in the pan! We couldn't find an idea for the island and for a long time we built various concepts around it. The main thought came when we said that necessarily wood must break the color. Well, and we got it! I like such moments — then our imagination really has no limits and such beautiful things come out of our deliberations - says Hanna Pietras.

Pastelowa wyspa została przełamana drewnem

The pastel island was broken with wood

Photo and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

Eclectic combinations

In the living room there was room for an antique chest of drawers, which the client wanted. It was juxtaposed with a colorful sofa and an armchair in houndstooth, making it visible, rather than tucked away in a corner. On the other hand, in the bedroom, the modern bed was paired with a vintage cabinet and a loft wall lamp.

Komoda vintage została zestawiona ze zdobnymi meblami wypoczynkowymi

The vintage chest of drawers was juxtaposed with ornate lounge furniture

Photo and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

- For our client, space was key. She had moved from a large house and didn't want to feel too much of a diffrence. Another need that was quite precisely defined was hidden space to work. She wanted the place to be closed because there would be a lot of private accents there. Here we proposed a sliding-open door, so we can cover it up at any time with a flick of the wrist — the architect adds.

Nowoczesne łóżko zostało zestawione z elementami loftowymi i vintage

The modern bed was juxtaposed with loft and vintage elements

Photo and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

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