An apartment with wood, black and white

25 of May '22

The combination of wood, white and black allows you to achieve a unique elegance. How to diversify such an interior? The realization of Studio KU - interior architecture studio allows you to look at such an arrangement.

Entering the house

The hallway of the apartment is a space based on white. On the floor was decided on graphite tiles contrasting with the color of the walls. In front of the entrance to the room was located a seat that allows you to freely remove your shoes and flatten yourself.

jadalnia i salon

dining room and living room

© Studio KU

cozy living area

In the living room, wooden oak planks were decided on the floor, which correspond with the concrete-colored walls and furniture in a similar color scheme. By the wall there was a small RTV cabinet with an interesting vertical pattern. Next to the openwork coffee table, the eye-catching point is the green sofa - standing out in color against the background of the living room.


living room

© Studio KU

meeting center

Right next to the living room was the dining room, which is the meeting place of the household. A wooden tabletop rests on black metal legs. To it were attached chairs in black with gold legs. This space is illuminated by two lamps, black on the outside and gold on the inside - colorfully harmonizing with the chairs. A glass bar is also visible next to the dining room, which can be illuminated from the inside.

jadalnia i kuchnia

dining room and kitchen

© Studio KU

roomy annex

Kitchen annexes are rather associated with closed and restricted spaces. In this case, it is different. The kitchen space is capacious and open to the interior. It allows you to cook freely. The lower fronts of the kitchen development are kept in graphite tones, while the upper fronts are clad in wood. The attention is drawn to the long worktop, which allows free cooking. On the wall, posters by Ryszard Kai have been chosen.

dining room and kitchen

© Studio KU

toilets full of contrast

Two bathrooms were designed in the arrangement, which differ in style and colors. The lighting and the use of as little space as possible are similar here. The bright bathroom is a space with a bathtub, which is dominated by white and a delicate shade of wood. The second bathroom is a combination of black, tiles imitating raw and concrete.

pierwsza toaleta

first toilet

© Studio KU

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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