Dog and cat at home - what to keep in mind when arranging interiors?

20 of January '22

For pet lovers, dogs or cats are truly a central part of life. They give companionship and joy, and are even part of the family. That's why our interior designs should also take into account the needs of pets.

Koty lubią godzinami
wypatrywać przez okno

Cats like to look out the window for hours

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Finishing your home

To keep your home looking pristine for a long time, make sure your walls and floors are pet-friendly. This means that your surfaces must be easy to clean and maintain.


For walls, choose a stain-resistant material. Choose satin or semi-gloss paint - this will make it easier to wash away dirty paw marks and scuffs. You can use a damp cloth for this and you're done!


When it comes to flooring, avoid slippery surfaces like shiny tiles or polished stones. Your pets may slip while running, and when they are older, it will be difficult for them to even keep their balance. The best floors for pets are vinyl floors because they are waterproof, scratch-resistant and really easy to clean.

You can also spruce up the interior by adding a non-slip rug to protect the floor from scratches, and at the same time keep pets from slipping. As for the carpet material, you may want to skip the loop weave carpets, as they catch your pets' claws.

Tipi dla psa — legowiska
mają różne formy

Tipi for dogs - beds come in different forms

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Pet bed

Pet beds, have beautiful forms and shapes, which we can easily match the style of our interior. We present some ideas.

Wicker baskets

Wicker is an extremely warm material. Baskets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on our pet's needs.
Not only do they look great in almost any space, but they are incredibly affordable and lightweight.

Inexpensive rugs

If the pet bed is to be simple and not take up a lot of space you can simply buy some small rug. Since there are so many ways pets can soil the bed, we should choose a material that can withstand dirty paws and heavy use. Natural fiber rugs, such as sisal or seagrass, can be a great option because they are inexpensive and neutral for most spaces. The natural origin of these materials will ensure that even throwing such a bed away when it starts to look worn out won't put as much of a strain on the environment.

Mini furniture

An interesting option for pet beds are scaled-down versions of couches and armchairs. The sight of a pet resting on such a refined piece of furniture is sure to evoke many positive reactions, and on top of that it will be an original element of the existing arrangement.

Used tire

This ingenious idea of using a tire is a kind of recycling. You can buy a ready-made tire bed or try to make one yourself. Painted in a distinctive color, the tire will be an extremely interesting addition to our arrangement.


This rustic idea for a bed will suit many styles. Depending on the choice of the color of the crate, it will be one of the most versatile types of lair. We can put a big cushion inside to make our pet comfortable. The pillowcase can have an equally interesting pattern and color, and on top of that, it can be easily washed!


If your pets like to hide, a good idea would be to buy or make a small tent that looks like a tipi.

Koty to naprawdę ruchliwe

Cats are really busy animals

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Pets tend to have a lot of energy, so your home needs to have enough space for them to run around and play.

Cats like to climb high. So you might consider installing a catwalk near the ceiling. Complement it with some ladders, ramps and scratching posts, and you won't have to worry about your cats scratching anything in the house! Such unique catwalks can also decorate our interiors. We can use naturally bent tree branches, which will create a unique atmosphere in our interior. If we have a free room that we can dedicate to our pets, it is worth making such a playground in just such a designated place.

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