How to illuminate the garden?

03 of July '23
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  1. Garden lighting should combine practical and aesthetic considerations.
  2. Install lighting along paths to make them easier to use after dark.
  3. You can choose LED strips, solar posts, reflectors, lanterns and garlands.
  4. Lighting specific plants will highlight them nicely.
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Proper lighting of the garden is an important element that gives it not only functionality, but also aesthetics and atmosphere. How to do it? We suggest!

What lighting to choose for the garden?

LED strips are a versatile solution for illuminating the garden. They can be mounted on fences, railings, under the table top or along paths. They come in a variety of colors and can be controlled remotely, giving you the ability to create varied lighting effects. Solar posts, on the other hand, use solar energy to charge batteries, which then provide illumination at night. They are easy to install, require no connection to a power source and are energy efficient. You can place them along paths, for example. Spotlights are great for illuminating specific areas of the garden, such as trees, shrubs or decorative architectural features. You can adjust their angle and power to get the desired effect. Many garden lights can be controlled remotely, so you can adjust intensity, change colors and program automatic on/off.

Połącz różne rodzaje oświetlenia

Combine different types of lighting

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How do you arrange your lighting?

For the very beginning, take a look at your garden and choose the specific areas you want to illuminate. These could be paths, a terrace, steps, plants, fountains, a pond or other landscaping features. Identifying these areas will help you decide where best to place the lights. Before placing the lights, consider how the garden will look at dusk and after dark. Choose locations that will provide an attractive view from different perspectives. If your goal is safety, focus on illuminating paths, stairs and other areas that may be difficult to navigate at night. Make sure the lighting is bright enough to avoid trips or falls. Create several layers of lighting to achieve the right atmosphere in the garden. Use general lighting to diffuse light, accent lighting to highlight specific areas, and decorative lighting for aesthetic effects.

Wybierz konkretne obszary, które chcesz oświetlić Oświetl ścieżki, aby zapewnić bezpieczną komunikację w ogrodzie

Illuminate pathways to ensure safe communication in the garden

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Decorative garden lighting

In addition to traditional lighting, stock up on lanterns and candles. They will add a romantic and cozy touch. You can place them on the table, around the terrace or in hanging containers. However, remember safety and don't leave burning candles unattended. You can also use lamps to illuminate specific plants. This way you will draw attention to the most beautiful specimens and create a striking focal point in the garden. There are also special pots and fixtures on the market that allow you to illuminate plants from below.

Użyj również lampionów i świec

Also use lanterns and candles

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