Glass in many ways. Arranging a private area

05 of March '24

Earlier we presented the bathroom, kitchen and living area of Anna Maria Sokolowska's design. Today we conclude our visit to the Gdynia apartment with a look at the arrangement of the master zone.

A place for two

There are two bathrooms in the apartment. One of them is adjacent to the bedroom. For this reason, Anna Maria Sokolowska decided to arrange the master bedroom. This gave the clients a cozy private space and a guest bathroom with a shower function.

- This is one of the treatments that I often use. I really like such private spaces," describes the architect.

The interior was adapted for a couple. So there was no creation of an additional bedroom. Instead, the investors wanted a sense of space.

Sypialnię od łazienki oddzielają przesuwne drzwi

The bedroom is separated from the bathroom by a sliding door


Tranquility with a touch of luxury

The interior is maintained in muted warm colors. Complementing this ballet of colors are gold accessories.

- I wanted to achieve, simplicity, functionality, but also a touch of elegance and luxury. I think I succeeded in combining all these elements, resulting in a coherent elegant apartment, without glamour and unnecessary details," says Anna Maria Sokolowska.

Architektka umieściła w sypialni dużą szafę własnego projektu

The architect placed a large closet of her own design in the bedroom


Relaxation zone

The focal point in the bedroom is a large comfortable bed made to order according to Anna Maria Sokolowska's design. Above it hangs a striking round lamp in gold color. However, this is not the end of the decorative lighting. Structural fixtures were hung on two sides of the bed. Below, meanwhile, are simple wall sconces that provide adequate light for reading a book, for example. Geometric motifs also appear on the wall behind the bed. Intersecting lines add dynamism to the arrangement.

Strukturalne lampy i geometryczne dekoracje na ścianie za łóżkiem nadają dynamiki aranżacji Industrialne elementy dodają nowoczesnego sznytu

Industrial elements add a modern flair


Impressive storage

It is worth noting the fully glazed cabinet. It was created according to the architect's design, in cooperation with trusted contractors. The furniture provides enough space for clothes and accessories for investors who come to Gdynia to relax. At the same time, thanks to its simple almost industrial form, it does not clutter the space. Moreover, ornamental glass and LED backlighting turn the closet into a real interior decoration. The same type of glass, this time without staining, was also used in the sliding door leading to the bathroom.

Szkło ornamentowe zostało zastosowane także w drzwiach przesuwnych prowadzących do łazienki Szkło ornamentowe i podświetlenie LED zamieniają szafę w dekorację sypialni

Ornamental glass and LED backlighting turn the closet into a bedroom decoration


Optical illusion

The bathroom is a real bath room. An elegant freestanding bathtub was placed near the window. This allows you to admire the Gdynia landscape while bathing. In addition, such a layout of the room makes it illuminated and appears more spacious. Another element that enhances this impression is the bright color palette and the use of mirrors. The architect has lined as many as two walls across the width with them. The panels reflect the light and optically enlarge the interior.

Złote dodatki dodają aranżacji luksusowego charakteru Wolnostojąca wanna została umieszczona obok okna

The free-standing bathtub was placed next to the window


Maximum use of space

The architect made optimal use of the small space. She managed to fit here not only the bathtub, but also as many as two washbasins. There is also a toilet bowl and bidet, as well as plenty of storage space. This is because behind the mirrored fronts hide cabinets similar to those under the sink. The use of sinters, elegant mirrors and light wood makes the whole thing elegant and cozy.

Jasna paleta kolorystyczna z dodatkiem drewna sprawia, że wnętrze jest jasne i przytulne

The light color palette with the addition of wood makes the interior bright and cozy


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