"If I forget about myself, no good design will be created." Hanka Bajer in the series "10 questions to an interior designer"

14 of December '22

"10 Questions to an Interior Designer" is a series of short talks inspired by the series "10 Questions to...". This time our attention is turned to interior architects. In today's episode, Hanka Bajer talks about her approach to design.

Hanka Bajer - an interior architect who, together with her husband, runs the highly regarded Warsaw-based BajerSokół Team studio . "A few years ago we realized that the strength of our studio is the author's approach to design. It is expressed through an individual approach to each project. Sensitivity to the needs of our clients and attention to every detail is the essence of ourwork, " the studio's designers write about themselves.

1 Home is for me...

The closest family friends, animals. Where they all are, there is my home. Home is the only place where I go barefoot without disgust.

2 The key to a successful interior design is....

Listening to the investor. It is also important to consider, even before accepting the project, whether we have a chance to work well and nicely together.

3. inspiration I look for...

A trivial question, so that's how I will also answer. Everywhere.

4. In cooperation with the investor the most important thing is....

Listening to his needs, but not forgetting, myself. The most important thing is my need to feel good in cooperation. If I forget about myself, no good project will be created. It's a simple way to burn out and lose heart for what you do.

5 My favorite design style is.

What you see on our website. I don't play around with naming styles. I design contemporary, here and now, I look for it, I play with it.

6. the most valuable object in my home is....

I don't get attached to objects. I do not accumulate, I throw away. Order and a minimal amount of things calm me down.

7. The most common mistake I make when doing interior design myself is....

Actually, I don't know. I have no contact with self-designed interiors. I don't frequent such interiors and I'm not interested in them. There are so many beautiful spaces in the world that I don't bother with poor ones.

8 My favorite material is.

I like natural, noble materials. Mostly those that are yet to be discovered.

9. a trend that I would like to see pass away already is....

I don't think about it. I design in my aesthetics. Investors come to the studio who want to live in the kind of interiors we do. If they bring their ideas, I am curious about them and open to them. Smart people come to us, who know why they chose us. They don't impose silly things, but share their needs. We try to realize them creatively and with an open mind.

10: I would like to live in... someday.

I wouldn't like to, I will live someday, in Italy. Only I don't quite know yet when it will be.

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