France elegance! - interior furore straight from Paris

21 of March '22

French studio IMA Interiors, in cooperation with Polish studio Furora Studio, realized a unique interior design located in an equally unique place that is Paris.

jadalnia jest centrum życia w paryskim mieszkaniu

The dining room is the center of life in a Parisian apartment

photo by Nicolas Anetson © IMA Interiors & Furora Studio

The most important thing for the investors was a bold approach to unobvious color combinations and abstract shapes. The most important thing was to create an interior with a distinct character with a large dose of fantasy. The apartment was located on the first floor of a building that previously served as a factory - this is evident in the level of the windows, which were placed very high.

The heart of the apartment

Thekitchen is the most important, central point of the apartment - performing its traditional functions, while also being a meeting place. Note the expansive bar, which has been filled with metal details in shades of purple and an aged mirror with a plum glow.

sypialnia jest istną ferią kolorów

The bedroom is a veritable riot of colors

photo by Nicolas Anetson © IMA Interiors & Furora Studio

Lighting of the meeting area was important - the designers relied on light coffers to illuminate the kitchen area. The entire space was complemented by a stone veneer - whose strong texture carries through to other parts of the apartment.

relaxation zone

Hidden behind the original pillars is a relaxation space, fully dedicated to rest. The highlight is a low, fold-out sofa, which was designed specifically for this arrangement.

Przejścia pomiędzy pokojami są częściowo zasłonięte

The passages between the rooms are partially covered

photo by Nicolas Anetson © IMA Interiors & Furora Studio

The wall dividing this room is also the fireplace wall. It was clad in stone complemented by wooden slats that create a clearance at the top of the fireplace. Behind it was placed a table with a unique blue finish with a polished stone top, standing against the library. Behind it, there was a hidden passage to the night area. Color saturation is important in this area, going from blues to pinks and reds, blending in purple purples as well. The intensity of the colors is decisive here.

kominek wykończony został kamieniem i drewnianymi listwami

The fireplace was finished with stone and wooden slats

photo by Nicolas Anetson © IMA Interiors & Furora Studio

The apartment has an unusually eclectic character, with a hint of nonchalance scattered around the corners, forms reminiscent of the 70-90s, designed specifically for the Investor and his place. It's also a tale of the Parisian lifestyle.

detale budują wyjątkową całość mieszkania

Details build a unique whole apartment

photo by Nicolas Anetson © IMA Interiors & Furora Studio

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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