Home office - how to arrange a home office?

21 of June '22

The pandemic has changed a lot in our lives. One of the biggest revolutions has been through work. More and more people are permanently working from home. So how to create a suitable workstation in our four walls?

Pojemne regały zmieszczą wszelkie potrzebne dokumenty

Capacious bookcases will accommodate all the necessary documents

Photo by Vadim Sherbakov © UNSPLASH

Proper layout

First we need to consider how much space we have available. We will arrange the office in a separate room differently, and quite differently in a separate area of the bedroom or living room. In the latter case, the office corner should be separated from the rest of the room. We can do this with a screen or curtains. Bookcases and cabinets will also be effective. You can also use large flowers. Let's also remember that both spaces should form a common whole. Choose furniture and accessories in the same style in which the rest of the room was decorated. The most important thing, however, is to choose one fixed workspace. This way our brain will get used to the fact that this space is associated with productivity. Sitting with a laptop in bed or on the couch will make it much harder for us to focus.

Biurko powinno być dostosowane do potrzeb użytkownika

The desk should be adapted to the user's needs

photo by Lance Anderson © UNSPLASH

As much light as possible

Proper lighting of the workspace is absolutely key. The best light, of course, will be daylight. So it is worth placing the desk sideways to the window. The sunlight will then not interfere with looking at the monitor. At the same time, it will nicely illuminate our entire workspace. If the only option is to set the desk so that the light falls directly on the computer screen, the solution is blinds. In addition, it is worth deciding on two lamps: a ceiling lamp and a desk lamp. The proper positioning of the desk lamp is important. Its light point should be 30-50 centimeters above the tabletop. This ensures that the lamp head does not obstruct the computer screen, and the light does not create reflections on the monitor. In addition, the lamp must not cast a shadow on any part of the work being done. For artificial lighting, cold light will be better, it promotes concentration.

W biurze w stylu skandynawskim postaw na dodatki mające związek z naturą

For a Scandinavian-style office, accessories that have a connection with nature will fit perfectly

photo by Slava Keyzman © UNSPLASH

Comfort above all

The desk is the focal point of any workstation. We can choose from corner desks, hanging desks, des ktops or desks that also serve as tables. We can opt for a ready-made model or a piece of furniture made to measure. It all depends on our needs. The optimal dimensions of the desk top are 120-160 cm in length and 70-80 cm in width. The best height is about 75 cm. For taller people, for comfortable work, you will need a piece of furniture with a height of about 85 cm. An interesting solution is a desk with the option of adjusting the level of the top. One that can be lowered or raised, for example, when you want to work while standing. Such a possibility is provided by the Futuro electric frame from REJS, to which you can attach a top made of wood or board with dimensions up to 1000x2000 mm. - Futuro allows you to adjust the height of the tabletop in the range of 625-1275 mm. Changing the position is easy - just press the appropriate button. In addition, the rack remembers the 4 most preferred heights, so we don't have to check each time which one will be the most comfortable," says Joanna Posadzy, REJS Marketing Director.

Podwieszenie komputera nad podłogą zmniejsza ryzyko jego uderzenia i uszkodzenia, a także ułatwia sprzątanie

Suspending a computer above the floor reduces the risk of bumping and damaging it, and also makes cleaning easier

photo by REJS

Ergonomics the key to success

Great attention should be paid to the choice of chair. Above all, it must be ergonomic. It is best to choose a chair with adjustable height and armrests. The ability to change the tilt of the seat will reduce the pressure on the lower part of the thighs. This will improve circulation in the legs. If our chair does not have such adjustment, it is worth getting a footrest. Other necessary elements are a lumbar support for the spine and castors. How to check if the chair is suitable for us? The spine should be supported all the way, and the wrists should lie flat on the desk. The office chair should be made of durable materials. This piece of furniture is heavily used. So it is better to invest in a model that will serve us for years and maintain a good appearance. When choosing a monitor, pay attention to whether it has an adjustable height. It is also necessary to have the option to change the angle of tilt, by at least 20 degrees backwards, and to rotate a minimum of 60 degrees in both directions. The screen should be positioned between 45 cm and 70 cm from the eyes, and its top edge should be at eye level.

 Przedłużacz TUBUS w całości wsuwa się w blat Przedłużacz KWADRO to innowacyjne rozwiązanie problemu nadmiaru kabli

KWADRO and TUBUS extension cords are innovative solutions to the problem of excess cables

photo: REJS

Functional accessories

Depending on the nature of our work, we will need a different number of shelves to store documents and materials. In any case, however, additional shelves should be located as close to the desk as possible. Closed cabinets will work best. This will make the workspace look aesthetically pleasing. If we do not have space for additional furniture, we can choose a desk with built-in shelves. An interesting solution is also to paint a section of the wall near the desk with black board or magnetic paint. This way we will create space for important notes. When designing a place to work, it is also worth thinking about cables. Tangled wires look unsightly. On top of that, they are dangerous. Grilles, guides and special boxes for cables will effectively solve the problem. An interesting solution are extension cords built into the desk top. - TUBUS and KWADRO extension cords are innovative, but very simple in concept. One move is enough to hide them in the desk top or prepare them for work. The round TUBUS fully slides into the tabletop, while the rectangular KWADRO - gently twists. They are available in two variants - only with traditional sockets (two or three), as well as with sockets and with USB ports necessary for charging, for example, a phone, explains Joanna Posadzy.

Development: Katarzyna Szostak

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