A house with a loft character for the whole family? Interesting design

20 of September '22

How to create a space inspired by a delicate loft style, combined with functional space and minimalism at the same time? Beldesign studio created a project dedicated to a family with a child.

The apartment is one hundred and twenty meters. The arrangement is composed of two floors. The first includes a living room connected to the kitchen and dining room, a hall, an office and a bathroom. On the second are located three bedrooms, a bathroom and a dressing room connected to the laundry room. This allows for a peaceful distribution of functions.

Schowek na sprzęt

Appliance storage

© BelDesign

Kitchen with an island

Shiny gray tiles were chosen for the kitchen floor. The main thing that catches the attention is the kitchen fronts in black. Here we have delicate milling that gives them a classic character. The kitchen is separated from the living room by a kitchen island consisting of a gray slab and a wooden countertop, to which four chairs are attached.



© BelDesign


An interesting solution is a glass-enclosed terrace built into the building. There is enough space to place a small wooden table and garden furniture.



© BelDesign

Bathroom in delicate turquoise

One of the bathrooms in the interior also attracts attention. Geometric tiles in white and black were decided on the floor. The color scheme is mainly delicate tiles on the walls in gray combined with intense turquoise. This unusual solution deserves to be noticed.



© BelDesign


In one of the bedrooms a classic wooden parquet floor was decided. The attention is attracted mainly by the lamps located by the bed. A long black cable running in a zigzag along the wall allows the black lampshade to hang freely from the ceiling. The classic white and wood are joined here by blue and gray colors.



© BelDesign

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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