House near the forest filled with contrasts

28 of November '23
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  1. The interior was designed by architect Anna Maj.
  2. The house is located near the forest and has an area of 220 m2.
  3. The investors are a young couple who wanted a bold arrangement.
  4. The interior is dominated by contrasts and daring combinations of materials.
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The house is located in an intimate neighborhood near Łódź. The 220 m² building is situated on a secluded plot with a private piece of forest.

Dynamic space

The single-story house was built in a modern style. Its interior has been divided into a living and a private area. The heart of the house is the living area consisting of the living room, dining room and kitchenette. Thanks to the large glazing in this part of the house, we can admire the beauty of the nature surrounding the building. The main design goal was to create comfortable and functional interiors using inspiration from the investors. The owners of the house are a young couple, full of energy and ideas. So the main theme of the arrangement became color contrasts and unobvious combinations of materials.

We wnętrzu znajdziemy dużo kontrastów

In the interior you will find a lot of contrasts

© Anna Maj Interiors

Three faces of the kitchen

The kitchen arrangement consists of three clearly defined parts. The first is the lower cabinets with veneer fronts in warm wood color. This material blends beautifully with the wood flooring in the rest of the house. The second part is simple upper cabinets in white color. Thanks to their minimalist form, they practically blend with the wall of the same color. The third part introduces a strong color contrast. Impressive black cabinetry, reaches all the way to the ceiling. It places household appliances of the same color. Thanks to this, that part of the built-ins became a bold monolithic accent of the interior. Lamps in retro style and color stand out beautifully against this background. In the center of the kitchen area stands a round table with a marble top and fluted leg, complemented by dark upholstered chairs.

Zabudowa kuchenna składa się z trzech rodzajów szafek

The kitchen cabinetry consists of three types of cabinets

© Anna Maj Interiors

A meal with a view

Slightly further away is the dining room. Its centerpiece is a large dark wood table with as many as ten upholstered chairs similar to those in the kitchen. Two simple lamps hang above the table. Thanks to the height of the room and the large glass windows, we can admire the nearby forest while eating.

Przez duże przeszklenia w jadalni możemy podziwiać las

Through the large glazing in the dining room we can admire the forest

© Anna Maj Interiors


The living room arrangement is filled with contrasts. A large black bookcase catches the attention. Through its open shelves we can see the white wall. Next to it is a simple dark fireplace surrounded by light marble. The enclosure flows smoothly into a small bookcase, which is the perfect place to display stylish accessories. Meanwhile, a painting in bright colors is placed on the wall. A black coffee table and a massive dark corner sofa create a comfortable and cozy place to relax.

Czarny regał wyróżnia się na tle białej ściany

The black bookcase stands out against the white wall

© Anna Maj Interiors

Wrapping colors of the bedroom

The bedroom is decorated in warm, natural tones that promote relaxation and rest. The focal point is a large upholstered bed in sand color. The eye-catching headrest resembles a downy pillow. Above the bed hangs a large structured painting that almost blends in color with the wall, adding depth and character to the space. On either side of the bed are placed bedside tables similar to the one in the kitchen. They are complemented by white round lamps with a marble base, which provide soft lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere for reading or relaxing. Above the bed itself hangs a chandelier made of many round white lamps. Thanks to this form, the lamp resembles an inflorescence. This is a unique element that adds a subtle elegance to the whole arrangement. The floor in a warm shade of wood and a carpet with a gradient of natural colors make the interior cozy. Opposite the bed, a full-length wall bookcase was created. Meanwhile, a door made of fluted glass and a metal frame leads to the nearby bathroom.

 Zagłówek łóżka przypomina puchatą poduszkę

The headrest of the bed resembles a fluffy pillow

© Anna Maj Interiors

Structural accent

The toilet is kept in bright, fresh colors. The first element that catches the eye is the intense green 3D tiles placed on the wall above the sink. This unusual texture adds depth and an interesting dimension to the entire space, giving the toilet character and unique style. The washbasin with its simple white form blends perfectly with the rest of the interior, maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. Built-ins above the toilet continue this stylistic consistency, adding harmony to the space. Above the sink hangs a large mirror in irregular shape. It serves as both a functional element and a design accent. Its unusual form adds a unique character, and at the same time optically enlarges the toilet, giving it spaciousness. Contrasting with light colors, the gray floor introduces a colorful balance. Its darker shade is a well-balanced accent that prevents overloading the space with bright colors.

W toalecie użyto strukturalnych płytek

Structural tiles were used in the toilet

© Anna Maj Interiors

Decorative patterns

The main bathroom is distinguished by a unique floor. It was lined with tiles with an ornate geometric pattern. Here we can also find a simple bathtub encased in stone. The enclosure flows smoothly into the countertop, which provides additional space for bathroom accessories or decorations. Right next to it is a long white cabinet with two washbasins. Above it hangs a large simple mirror in a black frame. Minimalist lights above the mirror provide adequate illumination, making daily grooming tasks easier. Behind the glass door is a shower tiled with porcelain tiles.

Podłoga w łazience została wyłożona płytkami o geometrycznym wzorze

The bathroom floor was tiled with tiles in a geometric pattern

© Anna Maj Interiors

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