Fire-safe home - pay attention to the attic

21 of October '22

In the context of ensuring the safety of the house, special attention should be paid to the attic. It is this part of single-family buildings that is most vulnerable to a possible fire.

Attics particularly vulnerable to fires

In the Polish reality, the construction of a pitched roof is almost always made of wood, which - unlike, for example, brick walls or concrete ceilings - is a combustible material. Also combustible is the wooden grid of battens and counter-battens, as well as the roofing membrane. According to statistics available on, in 2019, there were 16,086 single-family home fires. In 2020, there were 16,396, and in 2021 - as many as 18,524. Significantly, in these years, the share of single-family house fires was the highest among all fires in residential structures.

Single-family house fires are becoming more frequent

Single-family house fires are occurring with increasing frequency

Fire resistance class

According to the regulations, a usable attic intended for residential or office purposes should be separated from the combustible roof structure and combustible roof covering by partitions with a fire resistance class of REI 30 at a low-rise building. Fire resistance class REI 30 defines the time during which an element retains its fire resistance (R), fire tightness (E) and fire insulation (I). This means that the partitions used, i.e. the elements separating the interiors from the combustible roof structure, must prevent, in the event of a fire, for 30 minutes, the fire from entering the trusses. They are also supposed to protect it from excessive temperature rise, which even without contact with an open fire could cause ignition. This time should allow safe escape from the building, as well as the arrival of the fire department.

Attics in Poland are most often built of wood

Attics in Poland are most often built of wood

Fire protection systems

It should also be remembered that a safe partition is not a single component, but a whole set of products selected in such a way that they can perform specific functions, including, among others, effective protection against the spread of fire. Using the right components of the entire system ensures fire resistance for a long time.In addition, the systems protect the structure from collapse, block the spread of fire and provide an obstacle to the penetration of high temperatures into other rooms. Using only a few of the right components not only fails to protect us, but can get us into trouble. In the event of a fire, the responsibility for meeting standards falls on us, not the system manufacturer. This may involve, for example, problems in obtaining compensation.

Choose the entire fire protection system, not just individual components

You should choose the entire fire protection system, not just individual components

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