A house with a meadow... on the roof!

24 of August '23

Green roof, ecological heating and vegetables from your own garden. This is how the house, which combines modern solutions with an idyllic atmosphere, looks like.

Dach budynku pokryty jest rozchodnikiem

The roof of the building is covered with sedum

© Zielona Wioska

A roof that lives

The 178-square-meter single-story house is a showcase building designed by a Danish company. Its roof is covered with sedum. Changing colors with the season, the plant is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. It provides additional thermal insulation, saving 20-30 percent of energy compared to conventional roofs. It collects rainwater, purifies the air and regulates the temperature inside the building. It lowers the temperature on the roof, which, combined with the photovoltaic system, increases the efficiency of the solar panels.

Budynek jest wyposażony również w fotowoltaikę, pompę ciepła, rekuperację i system gospodarowania wodą deszczową

The building is also equipped with photovoltaics, a heat pump, recuperation and a rainwater management system

© Zielona Wioska

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient

The building's design also allows for very thorough sealing. Together with the heat pump, this makes the heating of such a house extremely efficient and economical. Recuperation, or mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, and a rainwater collection system also operate in it. A certain balance between these innovative solutions and the idyllic character of the place is introduced by the wooden facade. A terrace overlooking the greenery was also created from wood. Meanwhile, large traditional-style windows provide good light to the rooms and add to the overall charm.

Na działce znajduje się także szklarnia

There is also a greenhouse on the plot

© Zielona Wioska

Surrounded by greenery

It is also worth noting the development of the greenery itself. A greenhouse has been created on the plot, where residents will be able to grow vegetables. Meanwhile, ivy and wild vines have been planted near the fence, which will decorate the space beautifully over time. Ten such houses are about to be built eventually. Together they will form an investment called Zielona Wioska.

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