How does Cleo live? The interior is dominated by black and gold

08 of February '23

The singer has decorated the apartment in a distinctive style. In all rooms you will find a combination of elegant black, with an eye-catching pattern of gold. The extravagant mix of colors works well in the large, spacious penthouse.

Salon to duża otwarta przestrzeń

The living room is a large open space

Photo by Pietro Lepre © Cosentino

Cleo is one of the most popular singers in Poland. The artist is very active on social media, with nearly a million followers on her Instagram account. She is also a juror on The Voice Kids program. However, not everyone knows that she is a landscape architect by training.

Wyspa kuchenna

Kitchen island

Photo by Pietro Lepre © Cosentino

The singer was actively involved in the interior design. From installation to interior architecture to execution. Cleo selected the functional elements and colors, submitting her drawings for verification to professional architects, who made comments of a calculative and realization nature. The designers talked the singer out of some ideas, while giving some important tips.

- I am a creative person and I like to take part in designing elements of my environment. This applies to stage costumes, music videos, a concert bus and, of course, a new apartment - says the singer.

Złote baterie kuchenne są ozdobą wnętrza

Gold kitchen faucets are an interior decoration

Photo by Pietro Lepre © Cosentino

She looked for inspiration at interior design fairs, among other places. There, the nero marble motif caught her eye. In the form of large-format slabs it appears here in every room.

- I opted for a combination of black and gold. Such a marriage should seemingly come as no surprise to anyone, but I guess it's still bold in Poland... People are a little afraid of gold, they associate it with pretentiousness, while I associate it with immortality and the "divine origin" of the material, which was smelted in Egypt over 5000 years ago. Satin black and gold is definitely my theme - Cleo describes.

Łazienka piosenkarki została wyposażona w złotą armaturę

The singer's bathroom was fitted with gold fixtures

Photo Pietro Lepre © Cosentino

The apartment has glass on virtually all exterior walls, so there is plenty of light and the black does not diminish the rooms or create a heavy atmosphere. There is also a private recording studio. The functional recording room and production room total 50 sqm. The entire suite is glazed, which posed a challenge in terms of soundproofing and acoustic adaptation. A recording studio is usually associated with dark rooms, however, this one has a great deal of light. It features full facade glazing on three sides, so the perk, in addition to excellent acoustics, is the beautiful view.

Piosenkarka posiada własne studio nagraniowe
The singer has her own recording studio

Photo by Pietro Lepre © Cosentino

The second important room is the spa area. For the singer, a sauna and a bath room were important. The bedroom is connected to the cinema room. Stucal screen, sound insulation and speaker systems are the greatest assets of this room. The marble pattern is combined here with wood, creating a cozy atmosphere. The living room with kitchen, on the other hand, is several tens of meters of open multifunctional space.

Pokój nagraniowy

The recording room

Photo by Pietro Lepre © Cosentino

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