We lack space and like to be on our own. How do Poles live?

08 of December '22

VOX has released a new report describing our housing conditions and what we think about them. We learn from it, among other things, when we leave the family home and what bothers us in the interiors.



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Our own corner

We leave the family home quite late. The average Pole is 29 years old at the time. For women, the age is 27, while men stay with their families 4 years longer. The reason can be seen in the fact that we like to be on our own. The vast majority of us, as many as 86%, live in owned houses and apartments. A mere 14% rent premises. It is this factor, along with the housing shortage and the difficulty of getting a loan, that makes us stay with our families longer.




What would we like to change?

Whatbothers us most is the lack of space. A third of Poles complain about this problem. Particularly in large cities. At the same time, as many as 13% declare that they live in a space that is too big for them. Most of them live in houses. In addition, nearly 40% of us are annoyed by un-arranged rooms. 27% of Poles dream of having more working space in the kitchen, while slightly fewer, 22%, notice flaws in the construction of the building. Aesthetic issues are also important to us. Seventeen percent of Poles believe they have unsightly furniture and accessories. One in seven of us complains about perishable finishing materials.

Często narzekamy na brak miejsca roboczego w kuchni

We often complain about the lack of workspace in the kitchen

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Do we plan to make changes?

Most of us are satisfied with our place of residence. As many as 7 out of 10 Poles, rate their current housing conditions positively. According to this year's CBOS data, one in five of us lives very well, and one in two - well. However, almost one in three of us would like to move.

Although as many as 77% of Poles see the need for changes in their homes, almost half of us say they don't need to make renovations. Nearly one in four Poles plans to do so, while as many as 23% say they have the desire to do so, but the problem is a lack of money.



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