How do Poles feel about their homes? We analyze data from the report

02 of March '23

How does being at home affect us? What aspects of our four walls do we appreciate the most? We find out in a report analyzing the housing situation of Poles.

Each year, IKEA asks thousands of people to share their thoughts on topics related to where they live, and then publishes the report "IKEA. Life at Home." The 2022 survey was conducted in 37 countries, asking a total of 37,405 people over the age of 18. In Poland, 1,006 people took part in the survey.

Being at home has a positive effect on our mood, which is most noticeable by people over 50. In this group of respondents, as many as 63% answered yes, among middle-aged people 46%, and young people 31%. However, the feeling of loneliness in one's own home does not leave us, and particularly affects those living alone and those aged 18-24. As many as 51% of those in the younger generation declared that while at home alone, they talked to themselves. Interestingly, among the same age group, as many as 45% pretended to already have plans so they wouldn't have to leave the house.




Home is everyone's individual space. 48% of Poles value rest and the opportunity to relax and consider this to be its most important feature. The report also showed how much the answers are influenced by the age, gender or lifestyle of the respondents. Poles aged 50+ are far more likely than others to believe that their apartment should allow them to be in contact with nature. Such proximity can be provided, for example, by living next to a park or forest, but also by a green windowsill or balcony.

 Ponad połowa młodych osób zadeklarowała, że podczas przebywania samemu w domu, rozmawia sama ze sobą

More than half of the young people declared that while staying alone at home, they talk to themselves

Photo by Cayley Nossiter © UNSPLASH

Only 18% of Poles believe that their home helps them live in a more environmentally sustainable way. A large space and its proper management, on the other hand, are very significant for those who live with a partner or have children.

You can read the entire report here


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