With a visit to an interior that isn't there yet. How is VR technology changing interior architecture?

12 of June '23

Virtual reality has long been used not only in video games or entertainment. The technology has also found its place in interior design. Thanks to VR, architects can present impressive visualizations to clients.

Wirtualna rzeczywistość ułatwia projektowanie

Virtual reality makes design easier

Photo: Raspberry Workshop

Better collaboration

Virtual reality has made it easier for architects to collaborate with clients when choosing a particular finish or design. VR helps dispel doubts and speed up the client's decision-making process. Design teams, on the other hand, can be more agile in the concept phase and more efficient during implementation with its help.

Among others, Hanna Pietras uses VR technology in her studio.

- VR makes the design process much more exciting. We can easily change the colors of furniture, arrange it virtually, place artwork on the wall. And everything happens "here and now," while providing the client with an immersive virtual experience that makes everything look as real as if they had already walked into a finished, finished interior, the architect says.

VR ułatwia współpracę architekta z klientem

VR facilitates collaboration between architect and client

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See the future

Thanks to VR at Hanna Pietras Architects, every client has the opportunity to "look" into their interior. All you need is the right equipment, namely special goggles and controllers. Thanks to numerous sensors, the set registers every movement and transports the client to a virtual room.

- When I suggest to my clients that they should "take a look" into their apartment or house, I have to admit that they don't always know what I mean. Many of them have heard of VR technology, but had no idea that it has applications in interior design. They are pleasantly surprised and test such a solution out of curiosity, probably not fully knowing what will happen when we activate the image. That's when the real magic happens. We also make sure that customers not only see, but also feel, for example, the fabric on the sofa they are just standing at. During the virtual tour, we are always accompanied by samples. This definitely works better on the senses," says Hanna Pietras.

Wirtualna rzeczywistość pozwala zobaczyć wnętrze jeszcze przed jego powstaniem

Virtual reality allows you to see the interior even before it is created

Photo: Raspberry Workshop

Efficient work

Virtual reality also allows us to better visualize and experience the results while working, and gives us a chance to experiment and observe the immediate effect.

- The implementation of VR technology has greatly benefited the work of my team. Thanks to the fact that the client can literally see and feel his interior - choices are made faster and more concrete. Suddenly the whole design process takes less time, and we as architects know very precisely what our investor wants and expects- Pietras adds.

Wykorzystanie VR usprawnia proces projektowy

Using VR streamlines the design process

Photo: Raspberry Workshop

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