How to choose a corner for a kitchen cabinet?

02 of August '22

Corner cabinets are an extremely popular solution. This is because they allow maximum use of space in the kitchen. But how to design them so that you can use them comfortably?

PURO Corner ComfortPURO Corner Comfort


Ergonomic installation

When designing a kitchen, we pay a lot of attention to the layout of the furniture. It determines its functionality. The built-in can form lines in the shape of the letters I, II, L, U and G. The most convenient are the last three. They guarantee optimal use of space, and at the same time ensure the small distances we have to travel when cooking. However, in these layouts at least one corner cabinet appears. It is very capacious, but at the same time difficult to manage. Access to the things stored in it is severely limited. This is because in order to get to the needed item, we have to rearrange all other products. The solution to this problem are furniture accessories, more specifically, corners.

Kornery pozwalają na wysunięcie zawartości szafki narożnej

Corners allow you to slide out the contents of a corner cabinet


What is a corner?

A corner is a system that allows you to slide out the contents of a corner cabinet. Thanks to them, we not only make optimal use of the space of this furniture, but also improve its functionality. These systems allow easy access to the products stored in the cabinet, such as food supplies or pots. Corners come in two versions, right and left. A part of the models are universal and can be mounted on both sides. Some of them also have a number of conveniences, such as a silent closing mechanism or the ability to choose the spacing of baskets independently. There are also models with a 360° rotating rack or a cabinet bottom equipped with a slip-reducing surface.

Kornery pozwalają na łatwy dostęp do przechowywanych w szafce produktów

Corners allow easy access to the products stored in the cabinet


Rotating shelves

You can install rotating shelves in square corner cabinets. They are mounted on a rod located in the center. The shelves are available in several shapes. You can choose a full circle, ¾ circle and half circle. It all depends on the type of cabinet and your preferences. Each option can have a wire or furniture board bottom in different colors. They are available in several sizes - depending on the shape, among others, 600, 690, 750, 820 cm, which allows you to fit them to the size of the cabinet.

Wytrzymałe prowadnice pozwalające na obciążenie każdej półki nawet do 15 kg

Sturdy slides that allow each shelf to bear a load of up to 15 kg


Pull-out shelves

A system consisting of two movable shelves is designed for rectangular-shaped cabinets. They are properly shaped and slide out independently of each other. The shelves are surrounded by a low rail, which protects products from slipping and falling. Corners are available in left or right versions and in several color versions. They fit 800, 900 and 1000 mm long cabinets. On the market you will find models that have heavy-duty guides that allow each shelf to bear up to 15 kg. Some corners also have an additional mechanism that provides a soft pull and even more comfortable, smooth movement of each shelf.

Corner Optima

Corner Optima


Pull-out baskets

In diagonal corner cabinets, systems with pull-out baskets will work well. They have several levels, so you can fit all the most necessary things in the cabinet. You can choose a model mounted on the cabinet door. It allows you to completely pull out one of the baskets from the cabinet. The other, meanwhile, slides from the depths of the cabinet towards the front. The second option is a corner attached to the cabinet body. In its case, you can slide all the baskets outward at the same time. The system with baskets provides a higher maximum load, up to 25 kg. So it is worth installing it in the pantry, where heavy supplies are stored. Systems are available with openwork or solid bottom. The latter are usually made of plastic or furniture board. On the market you will also find models with inserts made of oak veneer or glass. Baskets are proposed for cabinets with dimensions: 800, 900 mm, 1000 and 1200 mm.

Korner z wysuwanymi koszami

Korner with pull-out baskets


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