How to choose a kitchen countertop that will stay with us for years?

18 of May '23

No matter how much time we spend in the kitchen, a good countertop is essential. How to choose it? We suggest!

Blat to najważniejsze miejsce w kuchni

Countertop is the most important place in the kitchen

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A solid base

The countertopis the place we use most often in the kitchen. It is a space for preparing meals, storing kitchen accessories, and sometimes it even serves as a table where we eat our meals. All this means that the material from which the countertop is made must be durable, resistant to moisture, cold and heat, as well as scratches. At the same time, it has to look aesthetically pleasing. This means that the kitchen countertop must be multifunctional. So when choosing a countertop, we should consider our individual requirements. After all, different materials, thickness and color will have advantages and disadvantages that will affect daily use.

Kluczową kwestią jest materiał, z którego został wykonany blat

A key consideration is the material from which the countertop is made

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Laminate countertop

One of the most important factors we should suggest when choosing a kitchen countertop is the material from which it is made. The most popular and cheapest will be a laminated countertop. With its appearance it can imitate the structure of wood, stone or even marble. Such a countertop can withstand contact with hot food very well and is resistant to various types of mechanical damage. So it will work well in a kitchen that is heavily used.

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Laminate countertop

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Compact countertops

Compact countertops are becoming increasingly popular. They are made of resin-soaked papers pressed under high pressure at temperatures above 200°C. The compact countertop is resistant to moisture and scratches, and gets its name from its thinness. You can find models that are as little as 12 mm, which will give the kitchen a lightness and optically enlarge it.

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Compact countertop

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Wooden and layered countertops

Fans of natural materials should bet on awooden or layered countertop. Both types are a guarantee of high durability and low susceptibility to scratches, as well as resistance to moisture and temperature changes. These types of countertops are also easy to cut to the appropriate dimensions. A layered countertop, on the other hand, is distinguished by the fact that it consists of a layer of solid wood and a core of particleboard. Finally, the surface is finished with durable UV oil, so there is no need to oil the countertops before and after installation, but only to refresh the countertop with oil-wax once every 1-2 years of use.

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Layered countertop

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Stylish and functional

Some colors in the kitchen can make us uncomfortable, which is why deciding on the color of the countertop is so important. In modern, monochromatic kitchens, matte black countertops will look beautiful. However, remember that all fingerprints and water drops will be visible on such material. In kitchens that we use every day, countertops with scraps or imitating stone will work better. Wooden countertops will work well in Scandinavian or boho style arrangements. However, we must remember that it requires maintenance. Even if you opt for a heat-resistant variant, this natural raw material can undergo delicate staining.

Drewniany blat sprawdzi się we wnętrzach skandynawskich

Wooden countertop works well in Scandinavian interiors

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