How to decorate your Christmas Eve table - holiday decorations and ideas

17 of December '21

The Christmas period is incredibly atmospheric and special. Its inseparable point is the Christmas Eve dinner, which centers around a table laden with dishes. We want the meal, which we eat together with family and friends, to be unique and full of festive atmosphere. Beautiful table decor is one of those magical touches that will elevate a Christmas treat from an elegant dinner to the most memorable gathering of the year.

Biel zawsze sprawdzi się jako
baza naszej aranżacji

White will always work as the base of our arrangement

© Todd Trapani

Are you sure it's white?

Traditionally, every Christmas Eve table should be covered with a white tablecloth. White is a great base that will match all accessories, decorations and tableware. However, it is not an obligation, let's choose a color that will match all the decorations. When the base is uniform, we can also diversify it by putting a runner in the center with a touch of color, which will quickly add sparkle to the Christmas table. A good idea, especially if we have little kids at home, is to use a tablecloth made of stain-resistant fabric.

Leading color

If we have trouble choosing matching colors, for simplicity's sake, let's choose just one color, or a color palette that will look equally striking. To add variety to the color scheme, let's go wild in accessories, such as cutlery, metal rings, fabrics and candlesticks. Christmas red, gold and green will look wonderful. It's a great idea for a simple but effective Christmas table setting.

Green wreath

We often think of green wreaths as decorations for the front door, but they can also be used on the Christmas table, placing it in the center as a centerpiece. It is then worth placing candles or some additional decorations in the center.

Stół możemy ozdobić nawet
tym, co znajdziemy we własnym ogrodzie czy na wycieczce do lasu.

We can even decorate the table with what we find in our own garden or on a trip to the woods

© Annie Spratt

Cheap and organic

Instead of opting for plastic Christmas decorations, we can exceptionally go to the garden, a nearby meadow or forest. Christmas decorations can be created in no time from leaves and dried fruits. They look beautiful and emit a delicate fragrance that is perfect for the season.

  • Coniferous twigs - we can make them into a wreath or put a few twigs in the center of the table, or make a decoration for each guest, tying each one with a ribbon.
  • Flowers - Yes, let's also feel a breath of fresh air in winter. We can decorate the table with simple glass vases with white and green flowers filled with a mixture of tulips, hyacinths or eucalyptus. Very popular during the holiday season is also a flower that we will meet in any store - the star of Bethlehem, which thanks to its colors will cheer up any interior
  • holly - it has beautiful leaves and, in addition, the red berries so often found in Christmas decorations. Such a small addition can significantly diversify the color scheme
  • Oranges - This scent is immediately associated with Christmas, plus such a decoration looks stunning! We can simply cut oranges into slices. In addition, as a variety, let's stick a couple of cloves in them and sprinkle them with cinnamon. Such a decoration will even work as a Christmas tree decoration when we tie them with thread.
  • Spices - Inherently associated with the Christmas atmosphere are anise stars, cinnamon sticks, vanilla, or cloves.
  • Cones - They can even be used as Christmas tree baubles, and are great for green decorations.
  • Herbs - this is another fragrant element. Rosemary, for example, will fit perfectly here.

By matching these elements together, we can create a moody garland that can be carried through the center of the table.

Świece niezależnie od wielkości, kształtu i koloru nadadzą stołowi niezwykły klimat

Candles of any size, shape and color will give the table an unusual atmosphere

© Libby Penner


No dinner table is complete without candles (regardless of the season). After all, dinner begins after the first star appears, and the light of Bethlehem is a very important part of our tradition. Candles will work perfectly as a complement to the whole arrangement. We can also think about scented candles, which will further lead to our table with the aroma of cinnamon or cloves floating in the air.


A great finishing touch to the decoration are napkins, which are available in a variety of colors. One option is to simply fold the napkins in half and place them on each plate. They can also be folded to create a variety of cutlery pockets. Napkins made of thicker material can be girded with a ribbon or ring - adding elegance to the Christmas Eve table.

Własnoręcznie zdobione
pierniczki to idealny upominek

Hand-decorated gingerbread cookies are the perfect gift

© Nati Melnychuk

Sweet gift

Let's give your guests a Christmas gift already at the welcome! It can be a small candy or gingerbread - preferably hand-decorated, placed at each seat. It is also a good idea to use such gifts as vignettes, attaching a small card to them or writing each guest's name directly on the cake with icing.

Menu for guests

When you want to feel like you're at a very formal dinner party, you can also prepare a menu for family and friends to see what's coming next. This is always a welcome addition - especially when at a festive meal, the dishes are as many (or almost) twelve! We can print the menus on cards and place them on each place setting, or place just a few in the center of the table.

Dominika Tyrlik

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