Bathroom in industrial style. How to decorate it?

07 of March '24

Industrial style, one of the most popular interior trends of recent years, is perfect not only for living areas, but also in bathrooms.

Raw materials

Inspired by industrial spaces, this style is devoid of ornamentation. Its quintessence is contained in the basic elements of finishing. So opt for brick, concrete, steel, stone, metal and wood. All in subdued colors of white, black, browns and grays. In an industrial bathroom, the juxtaposition of matte black with brown oak, architectural concrete and natural wood will work well. You will also get an interesting effect by combining red brick with monochromatic tiles. On the other hand, you can complement white tiles and black fixtures with nickel or chrome looking accesories.

Do stworzenia industrialnej łazienki użyj cegły, betonu, metalu i drewna

Use brick, concrete, metal and wood to create an industrial bathroom


Unusual solutions

Industrial decor means, above all, minimalism and simplicity of form, so all kinds of suspended toilets and sinks will look good in it. Choose those in unusual, dark colors to emphasize the raw nature of the interior. It is also worth exposing normally hidden elements, such as raw walls, plumbing pipes and frames. While keeping the color scheme and trend consistent, it is worth reaching for non-standard solutions and combinations. You can, for example, install industrial cast iron radiators. Walls covered with steel cladding will be extremely impressive. Meanwhile, built-in furniture in the texture of concrete or corrugated sheet metal will be both ergonomic and decorative.

Podwieszana toaleta wpisze się idealnie w industrialną aranżację

A suspended toilet will fit perfectly into an industrial arrangement


Less is more

Individual decorations should be kept minimalist and geometric. For example, you can choose a decorative flush button made of concrete or steel. For lighting, go for simple metal light fixtures. On the other hand, baskets previously associated with utility rooms will work well as storage solutions. Don't forget a green accent. Potted plants will add a touch of coziness to the interior.

Ciekawy przycisk spłukujący może być dekoracją łazienki

An interesting flush button can be a bathroom decoration.


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