Beauty corner, or how to arrange a dressing table?

04 of April '23

An elegant dressing table is a must for any stylish bedroom. Where exactly to place it and how to arrange it?

The ideal place

When choosing a location for your dressing table, you must be guided primarily by the light. Ideally, it should be placed near a window that casts warm, natural light. However, if this is not possible, take care of adequate artificial lighting. Table lamps placed on two sides of the tabletop will work for this. You can also place a light bulb right next to the mirror. This will ensure that your face is evenly and accurately illuminated.

Ważne jest odpowiednie ustawienie toaletki

It is important to position the dressing table properly

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In style

Dating back to 18th-century France, this piece of furniture is not only a place to store cosmetics and jewelry. The console can also be a decorative addition to your arrangement. The base of the furniture is a tabletop with an elegant chair or stool, over which hangs a mirror. The rest depends solely on your imagination.

Toaletka to niezbędnik każdej sypialni

A dressing table is a must for every bedroom

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Scandinavian style

As a dressing table in this style, a delicate desk with a white top with metal black legs will be perfect. Minimalism is mixed with functionality here, so don't forget about capacious shelves. As decorations, choose simple and practical accessories such as a jewelry rack.

Toaletka w stylu skandynawskim

Scandinavian style dressing table

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When choosing this style, you don't have to limit yourself. Choose a glossy dressing table with a mirror in a richly decorated frame. The one in gold color will work best. In addition, bet on eye-catching accessories. Gold, silver, marble and glass will create a unique arrangement. Complete the look with a velour chair.

 Toaletka w stylu glamour

Dressing table in glamour style

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If you prefer a more subdued arrangement, choose a simple white desk. Opt for a piece of furniture with smooth finishes and no unnecessary details. Enrich the console only with a regular-shaped mirror in a delicate frame.

Minimalistyczna toaletka

Minimalist dressing table

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