How to arrange a child's room for years to come?

08 of June '22

Children's rooms are always an important topic when designing interiors for families. How to create a space that is interesting, eye-catching, and at the same time one that will not grow old in a few years, but will be able to live a little longer - we present the design of two arrangements by Patrycja Gubernat of the Metr po metro studio.

The two children's rooms were tailored to the needs of two boys with different interests and needs. We wrote about the arrangement as a whole on the Architektura&Biznes portal(see here). This is not the first realization of a room for a child created by Patrycja Gubernat of the Metr po metrze studio - last week we presented a design for a room for a child who is a lover of Lego blocks(see here).

wild animals and the jungle

For the younger boy, the biggest hobby is the world of wild animals and adventures. The space here has been quietly organized. On the floor it was decided to use panels arranged in a herringbone pattern with a wide span. The resting place is a wooden seat with pull-out drawers and small caches for toys. This is where you can sit down. On the wall you'll find an interesting wallpaper with motifs of animals standing on their backs (reminiscent in some ways of Katarzyna Kozyra's "animal pyramid" sculpture).

The bed is located on a higher level, to get to it, you need to climb a ladder. Under the bed there was a capacious closet. The color scheme of this space dictated, was dictated by two colors - gently faded green with a mix of gray and classic wood colors.

Pokój młodszego syna

younger son's room

© Metro by Metro

blue way to the mundial

The second room is radically different from the first - mainly due to the completely different interests of the clients' older son. On the floor, the same flooring solution was decided. In addition, here you will also find a carpet resembling a classic soccer ball. On one of the walls it was decided to use white wallpaper with black rectangles.

A blue pouffe serves as a seat here. As in the room of the younger son, the bed is located on an elevation, but instead of a ladder there are stairs composed of pull-out drawers. A closet has been located under the bed. There is no shortage of soccer motifs - balls in a net, a painted goal or posters with idols. The predominant color motifs are whites and delicate shades of blue.

Pokój starszego syna

older son's room

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developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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