Private exotics. How to decorate a balcony in tropical style?

02 of May '23

The murmur of the sea, the singing of birds and the hot sun. A substitute for this tropical climate you can also create at home. Check out how to decorate a balcony that will make you feel like on an exotic vacation in your own home.

Balkon w stylu tropikalnym będzie namiastką egoztycznych wakacji Aranżacja balkonu w stylu egzotycznym

A tropical-style balcony will be a substitute for an egoztic vacation

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An oasis of rest

Choose furniture that is sturdy however, in keeping with the naturalness of the tropical style. Pair rattan or wicker armchairs and sofas with coconut fiber poufs. For a table, choose one of the exotic types of wood, such as teak, Indian rosewood or bamboo.

Postaw na naturalne meble Świetnie sprawdzą się rattan, wiklina i włókno kokosowe

Opt for natural furniture

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Exotic colors and patterns

Tropical style is based on colors characteristic of rainforests. Opt for earthy colors seasoned with a pinch of intense hues. Combine browns and light beiges with juicy greens, bright yellows and reds. Don't forget about patterns, especially floral ones and those depicting palm and banana leaves. They will work perfectly on textiles such as pillows, blankets, plaids and tablecloths, as well as tableware.

Jaskrawożółty to jedna z barw egzotycznej bazy kolorystycznej Żółte tekstylia stworzą egzotyczny klimat

Bright yellow is one of the colors of the exotic color base

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In harmony with nature

Of course, the key to such an arrangement will be plants. The more, the better. You don't have to look for rare, exotic species. You can successfully create original decorations from popular plants. Palm trees, bamboos, tree ferns, Patagonian verbena and dahlias are perfectly suited to this style. Large monstera and winged flowers are also ideal. Don't forget decorative pots! Preferably those created from rattan or bamboo. Clay pots in bright colors will also look interesting.

Nie zapomnij o dużej ilości roślin Motywy roślinne mogą znaleźć miejsce również na tekstyliach

Don't forget to have plenty of plants

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