How to arrange an open living area?

13 of January '23

Wanting to make the best use of the available space, we often decide to combine the kitchen and living room. However, this solution requires compromises. How to create an aesthetically pleasing and practical open living area?

Połączenie kuchni i salonu wymaga wyznaczenia stref

The combination of kitchen and living room requires the designation of zones

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Shared space

Combining a kitchen and living room is an increasingly common solution, especially among owners of smaller apartments. The use of a kitchenette is proposed in their projects not only by developers. Transforming a cramped, inconstant kitchen into an open space integrated with the living room is also chosen by buyers of second-hand apartments. This makes the room appear larger and more comfortable. Integrating the rooms also allows household members to spend time together while doing various activities.

Połączenie kuchni i salonu pozwala zaoszczędzić miejsce

Combining the kitchen and living room saves space

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Eliminating inconveniences

The first step in designing an open-plan kitchen is to think about the layout of the room. Remember that once the kitchen becomes part of an open area, it will affect every other area. By doing so, you deprive yourself of the ability to close the door and escape noisy appliances or messy countertops after preparing a meal. Many people are also discouraged by this solution because of the odors spreading throughout the room. This problem will be eliminated by a good quality hood, which will easily eliminate any unwanted fumes. Those who, due to limited space, do not have the opportunity to install it, can also opt for an efficient countertop odor absorber.

Zastosuj podobne barwy i materiały

Use similar colors and materials


Proper zoning

If you decide to combine the kitchen and living room, you must remember to designate functional zones for cooking, dining and relaxing. Even if they are located in one room, it is worth taking care to separate them. At the same time, remember to make the whole coherent. When designing a room designed to serve several different functions, you need to think about how to reconcile all the elements. A good solution to give the space fluidity is to use a similar color palette and materials.

Połączenie kuchni, jadalni i salonu

Combining kitchen, dining room and living room


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