How to save electricity and water in the kitchen?

27 of March '23

In times of soaring prices and cost of living, we are all looking to save money by choosing wallet-friendly solutions. Properly selected kitchen appliances can help us do this.

Odpowiednio dobrane sprzęty pozwolą zaoszczędzić

Properly selected appliances can help us save money


Wise choices

It is worthwhile to approach the choice of kitchen appliances carefully. After all, this issue translates directly into energy consumption, and as a result - into our bills. In the average home, the induction hob and oven consume the most electricity. However, we can find ways to use them efficiently, without unnecessary energy waste. It is worth approaching the issue of water consumption in the same way. So, how to do it?

Najwięcej energii zużywają piekarnik i płyta indukcyjna

The oven and induction hob consume the most energy


How to save electricity?

On an induction hob, it is best to cook food under a lid and to match the size of the cookware to the heating field. This prevents energy from "escaping". A good solution here are induction hobs divided into many small fields, which can be combined with each other and adjusted to the size of the pot or pan. Modern ovens, on the other hand, allow you to bake up to four dishes at the same time, without their flavors and aromas mixing. In addition, it's a good idea to use appliances smartly. For example, for most dishes you can turn the preheated oven 5-10 minuttes before the end of baking, the required temperature will be maintained during this time. An interesting solution that can support us in saving electricity is a hob with an integrated hood.

Nowoczesne piekarniki umożliwiają pieczenie kilku dań równocześnie

Modern ovens allow you to bake several dishes at the same time


How to save water?

Modern aerators in faucets certainly also help in saving water. They give a compact laminar stream, gently flowing around the things being washed, without unnecessary splashes. On the other hand, a pull-out spout with a shower function will allow you to precisely direct the stream, so you will use less water when washing the sink or large dishes every day. Some models are additionally equipped with an infrared sensor, which is used to trigger the flow of water. After 30 seconds, the stream automatically shuts off or stops at any time with a single movement.

Wyciągana wylewka sprzyja oszczędnościom

Pull-out spout promotes savings


We save water and energy

Modernly designed kitchen faucets can not only reduce water consumption, but also energy. These include models equipped with ECO technology. It consists of a stepped lever and a temperature limiter. One pull of the lever opens the water flow to 50%. This is the right amount and pressure for most kitchen tasks. At the same time, the temperature limiter helps reduce the amount of hot water used. To use this function, turn the ring nut located behind the mixer lever cover.

Odpowiednia bateria pozwala zaoszczędzić wodę

The right faucet saves water


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