How to organize garbage segregation?

14 of March '23

Awareness about ecology and climate change is growing. Recycling and segregation are already a daily occurrence in many of our homes. How to make it easier to segregate trash and effectively take care of the environment?

System segregowania śmieci

Garbage segregation system


Organization of segregation

For waste segregation to make sense, it must be done properly. We divide garbage into fractions depending on the material they are made of. We collect separately: plastics and metals, glass, paper, bio-waste that can decompose quickly, and other mixed waste. How to accommodate containers for all these fractions in a home kitchen? If you choose systems designed with recycling in mind, you will only need one cabinet or high drawer for the recycling bins. The offer of such solutions is very wide today, so we can easily match them to our own needs and the dimensions of our kitchen.

Kosze do segregowania śmieci

Garbage cans for segregating trash


Types of waste segregation systems

Waste segregation systems differ mainly in the way they are installed in the cabinet. Some of them simply insert into a drawer. These are buckets on a collective tray made of durable plastic. Another idea is the rack itself, which allows you to organize buckets and cleaning accessories, while preventing them from moving. Another type of waste separation systems are those that attach to the cabinet body. They are attached to cabinets with a hinged front or attached to the pull-out part of the rack. Another type of filing sets are drawers. They are attached to the cabinet. In this case, the baskets are covered by a single collective lid that acts as an additional shelf. Full extension guarantees easy access even to bins located at the back. It is worth keeping trash in them, which we generate less. Those that are generated the most, it is better to throw them into larger buckets located in front. Drawers are also available with electric assisted opening systems. It is enough to lightly press the front or slide the foot under the cabinet's bottom rim for the drawer with baskets to open by itself.

Systemy rożnią się sposobem montażu

The systems differ in the way they are installed


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