How to choose a table for the garden?

17 of April '23

The outdoor dining season is fast approaching. The key to a successful one is a comfortable table. What should you focus on when choosing it?

Przemyśl, gdzie chcesz ustawić stolik

Think through where you want to set the table

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First, decide what material you want your future table to be made of. The durability and sturdiness of the furniture depends on this. In addition, this choice affects the care and even the setting of the table in the garden.

Wooden table for the garden

Wood is durable and versatile, so it will fit into any style of garden. You can choose from a variety of colors.  Importantly, wooden furniture blends well with the surrounding nature, creating a soothing sitting area. A wooden table should not stand directly on the ground. So put a material under it that will protect it from moisture. Also remember that wooden furniture must be regularly refreshed and treated. If you dream of a wooden table, opt for furniture made of solid teak, which tolerates moisture and microorganisms from it very well. It is also very resistant and durable to weather conditions. Each piece of furniture also has a unique shade and texture.

Pamiętaj o zabezpieczeniu drewnianego stolika przed wilgocią

Remember to protect your wooden table from moisture

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Garden table made of metal

A metal piece of furniture will be the perfect base for a modern or romantic style arrangement. A table made of metal is much lighter and more durable than its wooden counterpart. It is resitant to temperature changes, rain and mechanical damage. Opt for a model made of stainless steel or covered with specialized paint. Steel tables are worth painting with an anti-corrosion coating, using the powder coating method. Models made of aluminum, on the other hand, do not need any impregnation. You can also choose a combination of both materials, that is, a piece of furniture that has a wooden or rattan top and metal legs.

Metalowy stolik pasuje do stylu romantycznego

A metal table suits the romantic style

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Plastic and rattan tables

The biggest advantages of plastic tables are their low price and lightweight construction. This is a good choice for people who value practicality more than furniture design. Such a table does not require special maintenance, is easy to keep clean and can be placed on any surface. Rattan tables are ideal for boho-style arrangements. However, they require proper care and impregnation. Unfortunately, rattan is not weatherproof, so a piece of furniture made of this material should be under a canopy.

Stolik rattanowy pasuje do aranżacji w stylu boho

Rattan table fits boho style arrangement

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Rectangles and circles

The shape of the furniture is also important. If you have children choose a round table, it will be much safer for a toddler. Such a piece of furniture also takes up less space, so it will be perfect for small gardens. The form of round wooden tables is usually quite light and minimalist. In particular, furniture created from metal or plastic will create a modern arrangement. If you have a large family or plan to hold outdoor parties, choose a folding rectangular table. A wooden rectangular table will look great in combination with a bench or under a garden gazebo. A table on wheels, on the other hand, can be moved to any place and can also be quickly stowed away in case of a sudden break in the weather.

Do prostokątnego stołu idealnie pasuje ławka

The rectangular table will match  perfectly with a bench

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