How to choose an aesthetically pleasing radiator?

17 of November '22

The times when a radiator was a necessary but not very aesthetic element of an apartment are gone. Today, thanks to a wide range of decorative radiators, it can be a full-fledged decoration and emphasize the character of the interior.

Grzejnik o ciekawej formie

Radiator with an interesting form

© Luxrad

Types of radiators

Panel rad iators are flat and radiate heat given off from the front panel heated thanks to convectors that heat the cold air flowing into them. This type of radiator is distinguished by the fact that its front screen can be finished with decoration. There is a choice of matte, glossy, smooth, embossed, metallic, structured, hammered panels, and even a mirror or painting with your favorite motif. No less choice is offered in terms of the material of which the plate can be made. The most common are those made of steel or aluminum, however, the market also offers radiators with panels made of wood, veneer,MDF or stone created from mineral granules. A real novelty is a material called kirei made from soybeans.

Kaloryfer we wnętrzu w stylu industrialnym

Radiator in an industrial style interior

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Column radiators are a modern version of traditional ribbed models. They are manufactured from high-quality steel and then covered with a protective coating. They are distinguished by their high heating power. This type of radiator does not give us, as much customization. However, we still have a choice of many different colors of the radiator. We can also change the shape of the column profiles, their size, location and bending angle. In addition, it is also possible to select accessories for them, such as handles, shelves and hangers.

Kaloryfer z miejscem do przechowywania

Radiator with storage space


Important parameters

When choosing a radiator, it is worth betting on a compromise between functionality, visual appeal and matching heat exchangers to the specifics of the room. It is assumed that 70 W/m2 is needed to heat 1 m2 of an apartment in a new very well-insulated building. For a building with weaker, but still good insulation, the value is 100 W/m2. In contrast, old poorly insulated buildings need as much as 200 W/m2. You need to pay attention to one more aspect. It is the heating factor of the system. It is given as a sequence of three values, for example, 90/70/20oC. The first is the supply temperature, the second is the return temperature, and the last is the room temperature.

Grzejnik uzupełnia dekorację ściany

The radiator complements the wall decoration


Practicality and design

Fortunately, you can already abandon the associations of ribs under the window sill and unsightly pipes in the bathroom. Manufacturers offer models that bear little resemblance to the unsightly radiators of yesteryear. You can bet onradiators that stand out in form or color. Choosing a radiator in a contrasting color to the rest of the arrangement, you will further enhance the decorative effect. In particular, in modern style interiors welcome innovative designs, geometric decorations and a combination of aesthetics and functionality. In more minimalist interiors, on the other hand, a radiator with a simple form and a matte finish will work well.

Złoty grzejnikGolden radiator


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