How to install a mosquito net by yourself?

19 of May '23

Summer is approaching in great strides, and thus also insects. How to get rid of them effectively to fully enjoy the summer aura outside the window? Mosquito nets are the answer.

Moskitiera zabezpieczy dom przed owadami

A mosquito net will protect your home from insects


Effective protection against insects

Mosquito nets can serve a protective function from the beginning of spring until later in autumn. It is a safe and functional solution that allows us to leave windows and doors open all day. The net is made of high-quality material, so it can be used many times. The plastic is easy to keep clean and resistant to UV radiation. Importantly, mosquito nets do not interfere in any way with the operation of blinds or interior shades and allow windows and doors to be closed and opened freely. Protective mosquito nets are available in different variants and sizes, so they can also be used for wall windows, roof windows and patio doors.

Moskitiery mogą być stosowane również na drzwiach

Mosquito nets can also be used on doors


Do it yourself

One of the most important advantages of mosquito nets is easy and quick installation. It is made possible by self-adhesive Velcro, thanks to which you can protect windows and doors on a balcony or terrace from insects on your own. We do not need to use nails, a hammer or any other tools for this purpose. It is enough to first prepare the surface of the window frame by wiping it with alcohol or any standard window cleaner and then stick the Velcro along the window frame. There are also models on the market with a system that allows quick removal of the mosquito net. It comes with Velcro in the tape, as well as a knife to trim the mosquito net and a brush to press it down. The net can be put on and taken off as needed and can be washed at up to 30°C.

Montaż moskitiery

Installation of the mosquito net

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Anti-allergen mosquito net

Effective protection against insects is not the only function a mosquito net can perform. You can also find pollen filtering nets on the market. The anti-allergen filter protects against pollen, while providing a free flow of fresh air. It stops at least 98% of grass, birch and ragweed pollen and its effectiveness is confirmed by a certificate. This model, too, can be easily installed by itself with the help of self-adhesive Velcro in the tape and then removed without a trace when the pollen season is over.

Moskitiera może również chronić przed pyłkami

The mosquito net can also protect against pollen


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