Industrial character in a small room?

03 of October '22

How to create an industrial character in a small interior? The Mokotow realization of the KODO studio shows that the industrial character fits well even in small interiors.

Salon - widok na przestrzeń sypialni

Living room - view of the bedroom space


For the investor, the most important thing was to connect the kitchen with the living area and to separate the bedroom. The apartment has an area of no more than thirty-five meters. A short hall leads to the living zone and the kitchen. The dining area, is mainly black, soft grays and wood. It is separated from the living room by a small kitchen island on a straight leg. The wide countertop and the division into two sides allows for free use of the space.




Next to it was found a part of the living area. It consists primarily of a characteristic wall built of long brick, giving the space an industrial character. On the floor, a classic parquet floor was chosen. The heart of this space is also a blue sofa, next to which a golden flamingo was placed. The layout of the windows itself is also interesting.


Living room


Separated private space

The bedroom was separated by a wide glass window with black muntins. In this way, the small, enclosed space was given an unusual lightness. The bed, with a headrest in a color reminiscent of a living room sofa, is surrounded by white built-in shelves. In this way, the bedroom space is maximized for storage. Behind the headrest you will find an element familiar from the living room, a delicate brick.




Narrow but practical

A small bathroom operating in a narrow space was organized to take up as little space as possible. A semi-open shower was tucked away at the very end of the space. Simple concrete tiles were chosen for the floor and two walls, contrasting gently with the sandy-brown ceramics next to the bathroom.

Łazienka Łazienka



developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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