Industrial soft loft with brick

20 of April '22

How to use a post-industrial rye mill? Convert it into soft-loft style apartments. Such a challenge was taken up by Marta Michalak-Najderek of m-studio. The designer took advantage of a unique opportunity to adapt the old and dilapidated into something completely modern.

The sixty-square-meter apartment was to be consistent with the exterior design - a facade of brick and concrete combined with metal structural elements. It was important for the developer to appeal to the historic industrial location.



photo by Radek Slowik, © m-studio

looking for the right layout and climate

First of all, the design began with a proper determination of needs. On the walls it was decided to use decorations imitating old brick and concrete. This is a direct reference to the facade of the house.

The interior is inhabited by one person, so it was possible to open up the space as much as possible. We decided on a living area - a living room combined with a kitchenette and a bedroom. The third room is a small study, which also serves as a guest room," Marta Michalak-Najderek reports.

coherent development

The kitchen cabinetry was separated from the living room by a kitchen island. It is a minimalist space finished in black. On the wall you can again see brick, accompanied by white sinter that imitates marble. Wooden laths also appear in this part.

The living room is a small space with a capacious gray sofa, a coffee table and two paintings on the table. An interesting vertical radiator, a brick wall and a floral accent in the form of a Ficus Benjamina flower are visible next to it.



Photo by Radek Slowik, © m-studio

The dining room next to the living room and kitchen was interestingly solved. Limited to a small black table and minimal interference, it opens up to wide and bright glazed windows overlooking the city.


dining room

photo by Radek Slowik, © m-studio

In the bedroom, the decision was made to put mirrors opposite the windows, which helps to optically enlarge the room. This is the only fully unified color interior without the use of brick and concrete.



Photo by Radek Slavik, © m-studio

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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