Pistachio-colored interior

13 of July '22

This interior focuses on the quiet dominance of the soft pistachio color. In the new realization of the KODO studio we can find delicate finishes combined with natural materials and earth colors.

The 50-meter apartment was located in Warsaw. Interior architects from KODO decided to bet on a change in the developer's layout. They eliminated divisions in the living area, enlarged the bathroom and created a separate place for a dressing room separated in the bedroom using a light glass partition.

Salon i jadalnia

Living room and dining room


The heart of the house - the living room

In the living area you will find a dining table and an area located by the TV. The main element of the color scheme here is gray, but it is worth remembering any pistachio accents, strongly standing out against the gray background. On the floor, a classic parquet floor was chosen. Above all, the attention is drawn to the unique lamps above the table, reminiscent of glass sculptures and design works of the 1950s and 1960s. It is a space used to the maximum.

Salon i jadalnia

Living room and dining room


delicate kitchenette

A small wooden kitchen island upholstered with wooden vertical slats separates the kitchen from the living room and dining room. It is here that you will find glass. The kitchen is a space dominated by white combined with wood. Here we can find both of these elements. An interesting solution here is the top fronts, which are placed on a quartz sintered slab.





The toilet, although small, meets all its functional challenges. Here we can find quartz sinter with a marble character, some wood, pistachio-colored furniture fronts, and the most interesting solution - small black tiles arranged together. Again like the living room, maximum use was made of the whole here.




pistachio-colored bedroom

In the bedroom, the attention is drawn to the wall, half built with wooden slats with breaks and half in the color of delicate pistachio. The dressing room was separated by a glass window. It is a very muted space.




developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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