Navy blue interior with character!

13 of May '22

A unique arrangement full of color, exceptional design and unusual aesthetic clashes was created in one of Katowice's modern housing estates. The project was carried out by Iwona Jałocha of Jałocha Design.

przedpokój to przede wszystkim delikatna biel i sporej wielkości lustra

The hallway is mainly delicate white and sizable mirrors

photo by Wojciech Mateusiak, © Jałocha Design

The apartment has an area of almost eighty square meters, although it gives the impression of being much larger. The clients were a family with a son and a cat. They decided on a spacious living room connected to the kitchen, bedrooms, a child's room, a study, a bathroom and a utility room.

space of expressive patterns - living room

The apartment is entered through a hallway full of white, where a small navy blue piece of furniture and a powerful mirror stand out in particular. The heart of the house is the living room, which was to be, above all, expressive. On the floor, the decision was made for the so-called Hungarian herringbone, which was also on the wall behind the TV. The walls are mainly dominated by deep navy blue and soft gray. A corner sofa placed in the interior calms the space. It is directly connected to the dining room, where a wooden table with massive legs was set, to which dark yellow armchairs were added. The dynamism of the interior is also given by a painting with a saxophone player.

salon to prawdziwa rewia kolorów

The living room is a real revue of colors

Photo: Wojciech Mateusiak, © Jałocha Design

kitchen right next door

From the dining room, the kitchen space was separated by a white kitchen island made of quartz sinter, over which an overhanging metal bookcase was located. On the floor, grey tiles imitating concrete were chosen. The kitchen is two-colored - part of it is a simple gray, and part is a wood color.

kuchnia jest dwukolorowa

The kitchen is two-colored

photo by Wojciech Mateusiak, © Jałocha Design

A passionate study, a simple bedroom and a child's room

The apartment also included a special study space, dedicated to the host's passion - playing the guitar. On the wall, racks supporting different types of guitars were placed on a special grid. The color scheme of the interior continues what we saw in the living room.

gabinet, który jest również miejscem realizowania pasji

A study that is also a place to pursue passions

photo by Wojciech Mateusiak, © Jałocha Design

The same is true of the bedroom, which opted for a navy blue color scheme for the walls, gray furnishings and a bed with strong yellow bedding.



photo by Wojciech Mateusiak, © Jałocha Design

The child's room was solved in an interesting way. The bed was located above the desk, and in order to get to it, one has to climb a ladder. Here again, navy blue with a touch of wooden elements reigns supreme.

pokój dziecka

children's room

Photo by Wojciech Mateusiak, © Jałocha Design

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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