Interior divided by felt construction

29 of January '24

The two-level apartment is located in a post-modern tenement in the south of Warsaw. Kacper Gronkiewicz and Borys Lewandowski designed this interior for a married couple with two daughters.

Centralnie umieszczona konstrukcja dzieli przestrzeń

A centrally located structure divides the space

Photo by Łukasz Kuś, Magda Rzeszot

Clever division

The project is called „kidney.” This is a reference to a specially designed object that divides the main space into a kitchen and living area. The centrally located structure was covered with pleasant to touch felt tissue paper. The object is divided into two parts. The kitchen side consists of cabinets and a worktop. While in the other part we can find a staircase along with a capacious bookcase and a hidden toilet.

Od strony kuchni konstrukcja skrywa zlew i blat roboczy

On the kitchen side, the structure hides a sink and a worktop

Photo by Łukasz Kuś, Magda Rzeszot

Art and stone

The source of inspiration was the work of Adam-X (Adam Jastrzębski), an artist and privately a family friend. His "Winylowiec" consists of vinyl stickers carefully stacked one on top of the other. Together they form an undulating yet flat surface. The artwork adorns one of the interior walls. Its unusual appearance reminded the architect of striped flint. This is a rare stone used to make prehistoric jewelry, found in the mines of southern Poland.

W konstrukcji znajdują się schody prowadzące na górę Nad schodami umieszczona została szklana kładka

The structure includes stairs leading to the top

Photo by Łukasz Kuś, Magda Rzeszot

- We imagined our „kidney” as a block of mossy stone, which, when carved, shows its striped character — describes Kacper Gronkiewicz.

Secret passages

The wooden backdrop is formed by a partition wall covering part of the kitchen cabinets, air ducts and a closet. Behind it, there is the master bedroom and bathroom. A striped staircase, referring to a flint structure, leads to the second floor. The girls' bedroom, living room and bathroom are located there. The rooms are connected by a corridor full of cabinets. There is also a small laundry room hidden behind white lacquered fronts. In contrast, a glass footbridge was placed over the stairs. All rooms can be reached through a mezzanine above the corridor, which is accessed by a passage hidden in the closet in the bedroom and living room.

W sypialni zaprojektowano dużo miejsca na książki

The bedroom is designed with plenty of space for books

Photo by Łukasz Kuś, Magda Rzeszot

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