Interior for autumn

14 of October '22

We have already advised how to create a terrace for the autumn fan. This time we come with tips on how to transform your interior for the autumn-winter season in four simple steps.

Warm colors

Rusty red, nut brown or sunny yellow are the easiest ways to create a cozy atmosphere in your space. However, take care of contrasting details. In the case of this arrangement, the color blue was chosen to add character to the interior, but it's just as good an idea to introduce accents of different materials, such as stone or dark wood.

Warm colors will create an autumn atmosphere

Warm colors will create an autumn atmosphere

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Autumn accents

An autumn-ready interior is filled with charming details alluding to this time of year: dried flowers and twigs or figurines referring to forest flora and fauna. A real hit this year are fabric pumpkins. You can also put cute little mushrooms on the furniture. You can also not miss the basic autumn attributes: aromatic candles and beautiful tea pots.

Autumn accessories

Autumn accessories

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Colorful glassware

Glass shimmering with a fever of colors has been triumphant for several seasons, but it is now that it has a chance toshine in its full glory and delight.

Colored glass Glass in the colors of autumn

Glass in the colors of autumn

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Soft fabrics

Blankets, plaids and pillows in fabrics such as bouclé and teddy can take your interior design to an even higher level of coziness! Small pieces of furniture such as poufs, made from these fabrics, are a hit. Thanks to them you will create a styling that relaxes and helps you feel like in a home oasis.

Soft fabrics are ideal for autumn

Soft fabrics are perfect for autumn

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