Unobvious arrangement of men's interior

25 of January '24

The 90 m² apartment is located in Wrocław. The emwe studio architektury is responsible for the design of its interior.

W aranżacji znajdziemy dużo beżu, bieli i drewna

In the arrangement you will find a lot of beige, white and wood

© emwe studio architektury

An unusual choice

The initial functional layout was completely changed and adapted to the Investor's needs. The interior was to be minimalistic, cozy and have a masculine atmosphere at the same time. The architects wanted to break the stereotype, in which a space for a man is seen as a dark arrangement in the industrial style. Instead, they opted for a combination of the New Nordic trend with the Japandi style.

Wyspa kuchenna spełnia kilka funkcji

The kitchen island serves several functions

© emwe studio architektury

Intriguing forms

The apartment consists of an open living area, a bedroom and a bathroom. There is also a small home gym. The main role in the design is played by high-quality finishing materials, which emphasize the timeless class and elegance of this space. A lot of stone and wood were used in the interiors. These natural materials have been combined with soft fabrics. Everything is complemented by designer furniture and stylish lighting. A white corner sofa, designer coffee tables and a dark armchair with an intriguing form create a cozy place to relax. Next to it, there is a dining room with a round table and white chairs. The light and dark colors interspersed here add dynamics to the interior. In addition, a dark hanging cabinet and a capacious built-in with a bookcase create storage space, while not overwhelming the space.

Otwarta strefa dzienna składa się z kuchni, salonu i jadalni

The open living area consists of a kitchen, living room and dining room

© emwe studio architektury

Kitchen surprise

The kitchenette was cleverly separated from the living area with an island that serves several functions. The furniture was made of wood and marble. On one side, the island is equipped with hockers. They create a functional place for dining, while separating the kitchen area from the living room. The other side is equipped with a sink, an oven and a spacious countertop. Three hanging lamps not only provide light to the kitchen area, but also add a designer touch. The kitchen cabinet hides the countertop. If you don't want the mess caused by preparing meals to be visible from the living room, you can simply cover this part of the working area with a door. When the built-in is closed, it looks like a white wall.

Zabudowa kuchenna skrywa kolejny blat

The kitchen cabinet hides another countertop

© emwe studio architektury

Stylish workout

The investor attaches great importance to a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a mini gym could not be missing here. Its arrangment also avoids simple associations. It lacks strong colors and overwhelming equipment. The arrangement is consistent with the rest of the apartment. A combination of white, beige, silver and wood dominates here. Most of the walls are white, while some of them are covered with wooden panels, which give the room a natural and warm character. The light-colored flooring makes the whole space seem more spacious and welcoming. Even the exercise equipment matches this subdued color scheme. A large mirror, illuminated by a soft LED light, not only serves a practical function, allowing you to control the correctness of your exercises, but also adds additional depth to the space. A glass door with a contrasting black frame leads into the gym. This element adds character to the arrangement and introduces a touch of loft style. After a workout, you can relax in interiors filled with subtle colors and natural materials that bring relaxation and serenity.

Siłownia również utrzymana jest w stonowanych kolorach

The gym is also kept in subdued colors

© emwe studio architektury

Soothing arrangement

A great example of such an arrangement is the bedroom. Its interior exudes a modern yet cozy character, combining a variety of textures and contrasting but subdued colors. The walls are divided into two different structures — one resembles raw concrete and the other imitates soft fabric. The centerpiece of the bedroom is a large simple white bed. Architects covered a part of the wall behind it with dark upholstered panels. On one side of the bed there is a hanging shelf, which serves as a bedside table. Its white color scheme and top covered with a marble pattern introduce an element of elegance. This minimalist shelf harmonizes with the rest of the decor, while adding functionality to the bedroom space. The lighting used here is varied and suits many needs. Simple black fixtures above the bed allow you to read before bed, while emphasizing the modern style of the interior. Striking lamps, whose shape resembles clouds, are a decorative element and bring softness and subtle fantasy to this space. In addition, a decorative standing lamp with a stone base completes the elegant arrangement.

Panele tapicerowane dodają przytulności i tworzą ciekawy kontrast

Upholstered panels add coziness and create an interesting contrast

© emwe studio architektury

Cozy minimalism

The bathroom exudes subtle elegance while maintaining functionality. The floor covered with tiny white tiles with black grout adds cleanliness and freshness to the space. This element creates a solid base for the rest of the arrangment. The beige walls in the shower give the bathroom a warm and neutral color, while harmonizing with the rest of the decor. The walk-in shower is separated from the rest of the room only by a simple glass wall. Silver accessories, including an elegant rain shower head, emphasize the modern character of the interior. The washbasin has been built into a simple white cabinet, while a fragment of the wall above it has been covered with decorative stone. Even higher up you will find a capacious built-in cabinet with mirrored fronts. This is a perfect place to store essential cosmetics. Simple but large lamps on either side of the sink make daily toileting easier. The wooden built-in opposite the shower adds warmth and natural charm, providing a contrast to the glass wall. This harmonious combination of different elements creates a bathroom that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Ściana nad umywalką została udekorowana kamieniem

The wall above the sink was decorated with stone

© emwe studio architektury

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