Interior in summer style

22 of August '23
w skrócie
  1. Marta Iglewska and Radoslaw Wójcik of Interiorsy studio are responsible for the project.
  2. The apartment combines white with exotic accents.
  3. The focal point of the living area is the kitchen island.
  4. The toilet was decorated with wallpaper with a motif of colorful birds.
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Evoking the clear surface of Mediterranean waters, turquoise in the bedroom, wallpaper with a motif of exotic birds in the toilet, or palm leaves in the corridor - these decisive stylistic accents create a summer atmosphere in the interior design of the Interiorsy studio.

Tapeta z motywem liści palmy nadaje wnętrzu wakacyjnego charakteru

Wallpaper with palm leaves motif gives the interior a summer feel

© Interiorsy

Balanced composition

To keep the interior bright and cheerful, architects Marta Iglewska and Radosław Wójcik relied on white. Clean, subtle and timeless, it beautifully illuminates the interiors, bringing calm and harmony to everyday life. However, to make white not boring and monotonous it was enlivened with energetic colors and exotic patterns. Thanks to them, each room has acquired a distinctive character. The whole is warmed by wooden accents, adding coziness to the interiors bathed in white. On the other hand, the functional character of the interiors is determined by numerous fixed buildings, discreetly blending into the background. Before this happened, however, the 90-square-meter apartment in Saska Kępa had to undergo a major change in the development layout itself.

- It was an apartment with as much potential as flaws in the functional layout. So it was necessary to divide the zones in a new way and to separate an extra bedroom so that everyone would have a place for themselves - recalls architect Marta Iglewska of the Interiorsy studio.

So some walls were demolished and a new layout of the rooms was delineated.

W kuchni dominuje biel

The kitchen is dominated by white

© Interiorsy

Relaxation around the island

The open living area has become the center of home life. The main place here is occupied by the kitchen island. It is the perfect place to spend time together with loved ones. The island also marks a clear division between the kitchen and lounge areas. The former, with its white, high-gloss lacquered, smooth fronts, blends perfectly into the background, without disturbing the living room atmosphere of the entire interior. The second - with a comfortable sofa in a muted gray color, allows you to relax. A cozy, family atmosphere is created here by a wooden floor laid in French herringbone and laths made of the same material decorating the fronts of the island along its entire length. The elegant character of the arrangement, in turn, is emphasized by elements made of white marble.

Wyspa została ozdobiona lamelami

The island was decorated with laths

© Interiorsy

Soothing bedroom

The owners' master bedroom is equally bright and spacious. The turquoise wall not only catches the eye, but also sets a soothing mood. This dominant color is complemented by white walls and accessories and a gray upholstered bed with a quilted headboard. The room also has space for a capacious wardrobe and a work area. The wooden floor, on the other hand, introduces a warm accent to the arrangement, which is kept in a cool color palette.

W sypialni główną rolę odgrywa turkusowa ściana

In the bedroom, the main role is played by a turquoise wall

© Interiorsy

Two faces of the bathroom

Summer accents can also be found in the small bathroom, whose space seems optically larger thanks to the mirrored panels. Thanks to the wallpaper with a motif of colorful birds reflected in them, you can feel like on an exotic vacation here. The main bathroom, on the other hand, is more subdued. Here there is a large, comfortable bathtub with a screen, which, in addition to a long bath, also provides a quick, refreshing shower. Smooth surfaces of large-format tiles imitating the color and texture of concrete gently enliven the interior. They were combined with white hexagons, which also decorate the toilet. In this way, the two bathrooms, although separate, form one conceptually coherent arrangement, emphasize the stylistic discipline of the entire project.

Toaleta została ozdobiona efektowną tapetą z motywem kolorowych ptaków W łazience znajduje się wanna z parawanem

The toilet was decorated with a striking wallpaper with a motif of colorful birds

© Interiorsy

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