An interior inspired by... a forest

27 of October '23

Multi-colored leaves, pinecones, birdsong and greenery. Spending time in nature and forest hikes have a soothing effect on us and are a great break from everyday life. So why not bring these elements into our interior?

Wooden furniture

This timeless material will work perfectly as the basis of the arrangement. Furniture made of wood is solid, versatile and has a timeless charm. They also add coziness to the interior. We can choose from light species such as spruce, birch, larch, rusty alder and even very dark walnut. So we are limited only by our imagination.

Drewniane meble są ponadczasowe i dodają wnętrzu przytulności

Wooden furniture is timeless and adds coziness to the interior

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Private forest

Of course, you can't forget about plants. Fill the interior with flowers in decorative pots. Create lively compositions that will bring a soothing atmosphere. You can use air-enhancing plants, such as ferns, horsetail or ivy. Complete everything with flowers in vases. Both fresh and dried ones will work.

Rośliny nadadzą aranżacji naturalnego charakteru

Plants will give the arrangement a natural feel

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Soothing green

Of course, the main color we associate with forest is green. We can use a whole varied palette from dark bottle green to the juicy hue of fresh grass to delicate celadon. In nature you will find all kinds of shades and their combinations, so play, mix, experiment. After all, the arrangement, just like nature, you can change seasonally.

Zestawiaj różne odcienie zieleni

Juxtapose different shades of green

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Forest motifs

Introduce patterns alluding to forest flora and fauna into your interior. A painting depicting plants and pillows decorated with images of birds and insects will create a charming atmosphere. You can also decorate your dresser or coffee table with figurines of animals you can meet during forest wanderings.

Dodatki powinny nawiązywać do leśnej fauny i flory

Accessories should refer to forest flora and fauna

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