Interior inspired by the Ampersand Hotel

19 of February '24
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  1. The house near Cracow is 260 sqm in size.
  2. Architects from Mango Investements are responsible for its design.
  3. The interior was inspired by London's Ampersand Hotel.
  4. The lounge area features a projector and a fireplace.
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The 260-square-meter house near Cracow was designed and decorated by the Mango Investements studio. The owners wanted the space to be decorated like their favorite London hotel.

Smart home

The investors bought a plot of land near Cracow. The project involved building a passive house, as they wanted to use renewable energy sources. Heat loss is minimized by high-efficiency windows and the interiors are warmed by sunlight. Recuperation and a heat pump were also used here to ensure a constant temperature throughout the year. To make the house fully self-sufficient, the owner opted for a smart control system. It includes control of lighting, temperature and blinds. In addition, the lighting was planned in such a way that individual fixtures can be combined into different circuits. This provides ample opportunities to create lighting scenes to suit mood and individual needs. It also makes it possible to adjust the temperature and color of the light for individual zones, such as the TV and lounge areas.

Duży stół i tapicerowane krzesła tworzą strefę jadalnianą

A large table and upholstered chairs create a dining area

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Hotel character

The owners dreamed of classic interiors with a touch of modernity. They cited hotel interiors as their inspiration.

- Once we had the opportunity to stay in London's Ampersand Hotel. We were captivated by these interiors and wanted our home near Cracow to be at least a small part of their Polish interpretation — says the owner.

What distinguishes the Ampersand Hotel? A touch of Victorian fantasy, historic architecture, but contemporary elegance and inspiration from London's most famous museums that surround the boutique hotel. References to these interiors can be seen in the hallway. Here the architects used floral patterned wallpaper, quilting on the walls and an upholstered staircase to the floor.

- A major challenge was the use of carpeting on the stairs and in the bedroom. The staircase was very crooked and had to be perfectly aligned before laying the fabric. We had to maneuver in such a way that the carpet would sit perfectly on them, especially on the corners. The contractors worked very heard, but they succeeded — recalls Karolina Drogoszcz.

Schody na piętro zostały wyłożone wykładziną

The stairs to the first floor were lined with carpeting

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Family relaxation

The living area consists of a living room connected to a small kitchen. Its center is the relaxation area. A large corner sofa with a chaise longue function and designer tables stand on a striking carpet in a structured pattern. The whole family enjoys spending time watching movies from the projector. On the other hand, in winter they can relax by the fireplace. Its simple body is finished with lacquered furniture board on the staircase side and sintering on the front. A sofa marks the boundary between the living room and the dining area with a large table and upholstered chairs.

W strefie relaksu znajdziemy designerskie stoliki i efektowny dywan

In the relaxation area you will find designer tables and a striking carpet

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Cooking in art déco style

The kitchen has been set back a bit to discreetly hide the kitchen clutter. At the same time, it is close enough to the dining room to be able to accompany those seated at the table while cooking. On the living room side, the peninsula has been finished with decorative fronts. The characteristic chrome frames surrounding the black filling are arranged in a geometric pattern alluding to art déco design. On the kitchen side, the furniture is decorated with an elegant veneer with visible wood grain. The architects decided to dispense with upper cabinets in favor of walls painted in a warm beige color with a touch of brown. As a result, the small space is not overwhelmed. A milled pillar hides a capacious pull-out cargo compartment. The biggest decoration of the kitchen area is the floor covered with ceramic tiles in a historicizing pattern.

Półwysep został udekorowany wzorem w stylu art déco Kuchnia została nieco wycofana w głąb

The peninsula was decorated with an art déco style pattern

Photo by Yassen Hristov

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