Interior inspired by Jacquemus' show "Le Raphia"

31 of July '23
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  1. The bucolic trend was inspired by the fashion show "Le Raphia" by Jacquemus.
  2. The set design of the show consisted of a catwalk lined with hay.
  3. The show inspired the architects, who decided to translate the combination of rustic and modern styles into interior design.
  4. Natural materials and earthy colors are the basis of the bucolic style.
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Natural materials, braided elements and dried grasses. Bucolic trend inspired by the Jacquemus show is an ideal choice, for those who want to keep the atmosphere of sunny vacations with them for a long time.

Bucolic to trend zainspirowany pokazem mody „Le Raphia” marki Jacquemus

Bucolic is a trend inspired by the "Le Raphia" fashion show by Jacquemus

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Haute couture for interiors

"Le Raphia" was the fashion house Jacquemus ' show for the spring-summer 2023 season, and a set with a catwalk lined with hay was constructed in Le Bourget near Paris. The entire collection consisted of a subdued color palette and natural materials. Styles created from reconstructed clothes in wheat tones were topped with huge straw hats.

The show's distinctive set design inspired the interior designers. A rain of dried grass against a minimalist interior gave a stunning effect. The overall look was kept in shades of beige, and the various structures made the arrangement look interesting and modern. This aesthetic has been adopted as a new trend in interior design. Bucolic is a combination of idyllic atmosphere and modern design.

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Private asylum

This style, like cottagecore , for example, is based on building a retreat from the everyday world. Our apartment is to become a space of relaxation, a safe haven in uncertain times. Hence the arrangement is to be soothing and unobtrusive. In the bucolic trend we refer to the past with materials, dressing them in modern forms.

Połącz naturalne materiały z nowoczesną formą

Combine natural materials with a modern form

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In harmony with nature

The basis of such an arrangement is natural materials. Wood, wicker, plaids, cotton, linen. These elements that favor both us and the environment will create an idyllic atmosphere. Pay special attention to lighting. One of the biggest trends this summer are lamps with shades made of paper or linen. Such an accessory will be perfect for a bucolic style interior. Decorative ceramics and dried flowers will also work great. Look for local artists, invest in handicrafts, go to the antique market. You can also renovate old furniture with your own hands. However, remember not to overdo it with vintage-style elements. Bucolic in its form is definitely modern.

Lampy z naturalnymi kloszami to jeden z największych trendów tego roku

Lamps with natural shades are one of the biggest trends this year

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Less is more

When designing an interior in bucolic style, take inspiration from the colors found in the countryside. Of course, the dominant color should be straw beige. Exactly like in the set design of the show "Le Raphia". Play with similar shades building the depth of the arrangement. Complete the whole with white. If you're not afraid of bolder elements, bet on green and blue- colors associated with vacations near the city. However, remember not to overdo it. Minimalist forms and muted colors are the essence of bucolic style.

Postaw na barwy ziemi

Opt for earthy colors

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