Japanese-style interior

10 of June '22

Traveling educates, also when we look for solutions for interiors. In the case of this project, Far Eastern inspirations - related to the culture of Japan - prevailed above all. Arrangements were created by the studio Furora Studio.

in search of tranquility

The apartment is to be primarily filled with natural wood, stone, as well as delicate earth colors. It is also to serve as a display background for the owner's collection of paintings. Minimalism combined with a large dose of geometry helps bring the impressionistic perception of Japan to this interior.

living room in white

The living room, which was combined with the dining room, is a space organized in an interesting way. On the floor it was decided to use a wide parquet floor laid in a herringbone pattern. The sofa is interesting - it is kept in a green-gray color scheme, completely standing out from the rest of the interior. A small coffee table with an irregular shape also catches the eye. Interestingly, the wall was solved, in which the difference of textures allows to give dynamics.

The dining room consists of a simple wooden table with white legs and an unpainted top. The chairs were solved in the same style. The lamp is interesting, consisting of a couple of circles that form a common form.+


living room

© Furora Studio

elongated kitchen

The arrangement decided on an oblong kitchen built in on both sides. On the right there was room for the countertop, oven and coffee machine. Here it was decided to use white tiles with delicate veining.

On the other side, the whole thing was built in with wood, which gives a uniform character to the whole. At the very end, a small table for two was decided.



© Furora Studio

work room

The study space is pure minimalism. Here you will find a bookcase referring to Japanese furniture, a small table on two legs and a comfortable green armchair. This limits the amount of stimuli in the space.



© Furora Studio


The bedroom is dominated by very low furniture. On the wall you will find wooden slats separating the relevant parts. The color scheme of the interior was dictated by soft earth colors and varied whites.



© Furora Studio


Equally simple solutions have been used in the toilet space - here we have mainly strong white, which has been broken by a wooden washbasin and cabinets.



© Furora Studio

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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