Interior with a drop of cobalt

26 of September '23
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  1. The project was created by Katarzyna Fotek of the Decoroom studio.
  2. The apartment is located in Warsaw's Praga Północ district.
  3. The interior is kept in natural colors.
  4. The colorful elements are shades of blue.
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In an apartment located in Warsaw's Praga Północ district, classic meets contemporary. Project by Katarzyna Fotek from the Decoroom studio combines tenement elements with a modern atmosphere.

Original and functional

The 54-square-meter apartment, although it may seem small, has been perfectly adapted to the needs of a young couple who appreciate good design and functionality. Storage space is provided by tall built-ins made by Decoroom carpentry shop according to the architect's original design. The interior is dominated by natural materials, primarily wood and stone, and among the accessories there are original ceramic dishes with a raw finish. Investors wanted to have accents in strong shades of blue. They enliven the neutral color base and subtly refer to the surrounding landscape.

Niebieskie dodatki ożywiają przestrzeń

Blue accessories enliven the space

Photo: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska Styling: Maria Szymańska / Wnętrza w Obiektywie © Decoroom

A good start

The entrance area features a practical built-in closet in light gray. With its decorative fronts, reminiscent of stucco, it almost blends into the background, imitating the extension of the walls from the open living area. The navy blue ceiling goes to the wall with the entrance to the bathroom. Hidden interior door was painted with the same shade as the wall. A darker hall delineates the passageways. The floor is covered with patterned tiles arranged in the shape of traditional carpets.

Hol wyróżnia się granatowym sufitem i wzorzystymi płytkami na podłodze

The hallway is distinguished by a navy blue ceiling and patterned tiles on the floor

Photo: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska Styling: Maria Szymańska / Wnętrza w Obiektywie © Decoroom

Cohesive arrangement

Various shades of blue are repeated in the open living area. This time, however, in a more modern version. A cobalt-colored custom-made RTV cabinet was placed right next to the entrance area. The furniture is also its stylistic continuation. The stucco on the walls, is kept in the same color as the fronts of the built-ins in the hallway. The lounge space is closed by a corner sofa, in a slightly stronger shade of gray, which marks the boundary between the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Ściany strefy wypoczynkowej zostały ozdobione sztukaterią

The walls of the lounge area have been decorated with stucco

Photo: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska Styling: Maria Szymańska / Wnętrza w Obiektywie © Decoroom

Natural functionality

The kitchen cabinetry has been completely integrated into the recess and, like the cabinets in the hallway, subtly blends into the background of the arrangement. Most of the built-in is kept in a natural, earthy color. The fronts of the upper cabinets are made of fluted veneer in the shade of oak. The whole is complemented by a countertop made of conglomerate imitating stone. The practical side of the furniture was tailored specifically to the needs of household members.

- The riffles on the fronts give a 3D effect and have been deliberately shallowed to make them easy to clean. The motif of fluted veneer fronts was repeated in the bathroom, which emphasizes the consistency of the arrangement — reveals Katarzyna Fotek.

Fronty górnych szafek zabudowy zostały wykonane zostały z ryflowanego forniru

The fronts of the upper cabinets of the development were made of fluted veneer

Photo: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska Styling: Maria Szymańska / Wnętrza w Obiektywie © Decoroom

Multitasking furnishings

The dining room, located near the kitchenette and high windows, serves more than one purpose. Sometimes, when the dedicated desk in the bedroom is occupied, it turns into a home office. Therefore, the furniture in this area had to be chosen with the utmost precision to fulfill both functions. The final choice was a large oval-shaped table and three upholstered chairs. The entire living space is stylistically tied together by a wooden floor, laid in a classic herringbone pattern.

Jadalnia pełni czasem także funkcję biura

The dining room sometimes serves also as a home office

Photo: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska Styling: Maria Szymańska / Wnętrza w Obiektywie © Decoroom

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