Interior with a view of the four corners of the world

30 of October '23
w skrócie
  1. The apartment is located in Pruszków.
  2. The interior was designed by Studio Rysik.
  3. Works by Polish artists were selected for the interior by Michał Jeremi Strzelecki, an art historian.
  4. The space was divided by glass walls.
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The interior of the spacious studio apartment designed by Studio Rysik is filled with natural light. The apartment has windows facing all four corners of the world. It's space was divided only by glass walls.

Thorough changes

The 70-meter apartment is located in Pruszków. It is part of a new development with eco friendly technological solutions. Photovoltaic panels were installed in the building to power the common areas with solar energy. The biggest challenge was the functional arrangement of the apartment and making changes to the developer's layout. Initially, the space was designed for a family with two children. So the layout of the partition walls, electrical and plumbing were changed to fit the interior to the needs of the investor.

We wnętrzu dominują stonowane kolory

The interior is dominated by muted colors

© Studio Rysik

Subtle division

The apartment is spacious and minimalistic. It is dominated by warm, subdued colors and simple shapes. Attention is drawn to decorative and finishing elements such as openwork double doors to the bedroom and kitchen. A balance between daylight and artificial one is maintained throughout the interior. The architects used the same herringbone floor in all rooms. This makes the space appear larger. The element that gives character to the living area is a custom-made bookcase with glazing. The dark color catches the eye and contrasts beautifully with the rest of the furniture in subdued colors.

Ciemny regał został wykonany na zamówienie Przestrzeń została podzielona szklanymi ściankami

The dark bookcase was custom-made

© Studio Rysik

Place for everything

The owner was keen on designing large storage spaces. Hence, the kitchen uses smooth built-in furniture that hides everything behind closed fronts. There is also a powder-coated steel structure with fine slats and see-through glass, which separates this part of the apartment from the living room.

Prosta zabudowa skrywa całe potrzebne wyposażenie kuchenne Kuchnia została oddzielona od salonu za pomocą ażurowej ścianki

The kitchen was separated from the living room by an openwork wall

© Studio Rysik

Filled with art

The investor appreciates art and design. The works of Polish artists were selected for the interior by Michał Jeremi Strzelecki, an art historian. We can find here, for example, paintings "Irises" and "Pandora" by Magdalena Król, a marble sculpture made by Marta Banaszak and another painting, this time created by Alicja Domańska.

Obraz Magdaleny Król oraz rzeźba Marty Banaszak Obraz Alicji Domańskiej

Paintings by Magdalena Król and Alicja Domańska, and a sculpture by Marta Banaszak

© Studio Rysik

Multifunctional bedroom

The bedroom was designed to combine two functions. The lounge area is hidden behind glass and wood sliding doors. The fluted glass allows light to pass through, but at the same time provides full privacy. The utility space with closets, on the other hand, fulfills the role of a dressing room. In it, we can find custom-made built-ins. Hidden lighting has been installed there also.

Sypialnia spełnia dwie funkcje Inwestorka jest fanką designu

The bedroom fulfills two functions

© Studio Rysik

Decorative bathroom

The floor and the wall behind the bathtub were tiled with large-format tiles with a marble pattern. The rest of the walls form a subdued background. This makes the bathing area the focal point of the arrangement and gives the entire bathroom an elegant and luxurious feel. The bathroom furnishings are keeping in with the two-tone arrangement. Classic white fixtures and a large black backlit mirror are also part of this interior.

Ściana za wanną została ozdobiona wielkoformatowymi płytkami o wzorze marmuru Aranżację łazienki uzupełnia duże podświetlane lustro

The wall behind the bathtub is decorated with large-format tiles with a marble pattern

© Studio Rysik

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