Beige apartment with a small dressing room

06 of September '22

Geometric patterns, a soft gray-brown color scheme and a simple, functional layout. These are the features of a modern apartment for one person. The arrangements were created by the interior design studio KODO.

The apartment of fifty-five square meters was located in Warsaw's Żoliborz district. For the designers it posed a considerable challenge. The investor wanted to combine a bathroom with a toilet, as well as open the hall to the living room with an annex.

Modern kitchen

The kitchen space is dominated by delicate glitter. On the floor you will find shiny tiles. The kitchen cabinetry has no additional designs, and all the furniture is realized with a handleless slatted system. On one of the walls, the kitchen fronts at the bottom are in white, while the upper ones are in delicate gray beige. On one wall, a geometric patterned wallpaper with a muted color scheme full of browns, grays and beiges was chosen.





An interesting solution is to convert one of the rooms in the apartment into a closet. Here it was decided to use similar color solutions as in the kitchen. Next to the mirror you will find the same wallpaper as in the kitchen and hall. On the floor, it was decided to use parquet flooring in the color of light wood. The small space, which is dominated by a toilet and a mirror surrounded by round lights, resembles a theater dressing room.


Dressing room



The bathroom is also dominated by gray-brown colors and geometric patterns. The white fronts of the kitchen cabinets are joined here by a simple mosaic composed of squares. Artificial red heather tries to stand out in the bathroom space.




developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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