Interiors of a modern terraced house near Warsaw

23 of February '23

The house designed by Kinga Baumann has an area of about 130 sqm and is located on the outskirts of Konstancin. Its owners are a young married couple.

Functional hallway

Many dreams and limited space forced the design of all furniture to be made to measure and clever use of every centimeter. This can be seen in particular in the tiny hallway. The architect managed to fit a closet, a pavilion and a seat in it. The space is optically enlarged by a mirror.

Siedzisko w przedpokoju

Seat in the hallway

Photo: Nate Cook

Kitchen with a touch of individualism

The investor likes pastels, grays, shades of blue and gold accents. She also loves to cook and is a wine connoisseur. The living area was adapted to her needs. The kitchen even managed to set aside space for a mini wine cellar. The kitchen countertop is decorated with a white 101Copenhagen vase.

Kuchnia z półką na wino

Kitchen with a wine shelf

Photo: Nate Cook

A new version of the classics

The arrangement of the living area is a modern version of the classic English style. In the dining area you will find a bright table and navy blue chairs. Above them there is a striking lamp. In the living room, architect Kinga Baumann designed the fireplace dreamed by the owners. Its setting was created from MDF.

Kominek zaprojektowany przez Kingę Baumann

Fireplace designed by Kinga Baumann

Photo: Nate Cook

A pinch of art déco

The bedroom is located on the first floor. Its focal point is a large navy blue bed with an upholstered headrest. It was designed especially for the investors. In the interior you will find references to the art déco style . One of them is the pattern on the wallpaper behind the bed, which is characteristic of the interwar period . It is formed by hand pasted sisal straws arranged in a palm tree pattern. The whole is completed with gold candlesticks.

Łóżko z tapicerowanym zagłówkiem

Bed with upholstered headrest

Photo: Nate Cook

Contrasting bathrooms

There are two bathrooms in the house. One for women, the other for men. The first was decorated in shades of white. The dominant motif is sinter with a marble motif. The arrangement is complemented by gold accessories, which are the real jewelry of the interior. In the male one, dark colors and copper accents lead the way.

Męska łazienka Kobieca łazienka

Men's and women's bathroom

Photo: Nate Cook

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